Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What City Should I Live In?

What City Should I live in?

On the weekend I got news that my landlord had decided to sell the house I am living in - time to move again! If you've been following me and this blog for any amount of time you know that an event like this stirs up that crazy adventurous spirit inside me. So, you know I'm like to not just move down the block. No these are the times I jump on line and start surfing this amazing planet of ours. At this point in my life I'm definitely not into the calm and quiet of rural living. No this time round I'm asking myself, "What are the Best Cities I should live in?"


Google is so cool! After I typed in my search one of the first sites to pop up was a quiz on BrainFall.com called, 'Which City Should You Live In?'  How cool is that?

Where Should I Live Quiz
The BrainFall quizz starts with four interest categories: Classes - how you like to learn; Celebrities - your personality type; Family - how you like to relate; and Schools - what you like to learn. The quiz then goes on to ask questions in similarly grouped categories - drilling down to find out what your interests are, how you like to socialize, live, love, etc.

This is one fun little quiz. I liked the questions. They got me thinking a lot about my likes and dislikes - some surprises there with things I haven't thought about for a while. On the critical side I would say the quiz is tailored to someone considerably younger than myself. If I were to guess I would say the, 'Where Should I Live Quiz' is geared towards a fairly recent high school or college grad who is single and looking for a place to make their mark or get their start.

Which City Should I Live In?

I'm sure you're now curious to know which city the quiz suggested for me. And the drum roll please...Survey says,

"You should live in Paris.
The city of lights will appeal to your appreciation of beauty and romance. You are a lover and a poet by nature, and Paris' sensitive charms will be a perfect match for yours."

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