Monday, March 14, 2011

Best Places To Live In CA

Whenever a person goes about finding the best cities CA has to offer, they could quite quickly find that list elusive at best. A couple of years ago a major news network published a list of best places and it included a list of best places to live in California along with a lot of other states. The list of California cities were not all in the top 100 for the nation but it was an interesting list none the less. I have compiled a list from several lists I found online and you might consider using this as a starting place if you were trying to find the best places to retire CA style.

It might be a little easier to find the best places to retire Los Angeles or best places to retire San Diego because the geographic areas are smaller and do not include so many retirement cities to compare. Having lived in CA for a long time, I think I would have a very hard time comparing even the cities that I have lived and worked in over the last 10 years. If I had to so my advice is to take a select few and just compare them and a list online might be a great place to start. Below you will see I have listed a few of the cities that should probably be in yours before you start and then you can go from there.

Here are some great places to begin your research and from that point to narrow even the criteria down. You may find some things in California that you want less or more than you originally thought you did. Of course cost of living CA is going to be a big topic of conversation no matter where you go but you could probably find some feedback on that in a cost of living forum by just doing a simple Google search. But I digress, here is a list of cities that this author thinks should be in your unfiltered list in no particular order:

San Dimas CA
Claremont village CA
Claremont CA
Clayton CA
Walnut creek CA
Martinez CA
San Luis Obispo CA
Pismo beach CA
Rancho Santa Margarita CA
Walnut CA
Atascadero-Paso Robles, CA
Santa Barbara CA
Santa Maria CA
Lompoc, CA
Orange County, CA
San Diego, CA
Vallejo CA
Fairfield CA
Napa, CA
San Francisco, CA
Santa Cruz-Watsonville, CA
Santa Rosa, CA

There are no doubt others that you would add to this list and that is certainly ok. It is presented here as a starting point and should be considered just that. One that you can add to and take away from before the filtering process starts in earnest. Once that filtering process is begun you can begin to look at the cost of living index CA as well as things like the consumer price index CA because before you get a base list of cities to consider why would you want to even start to think about all the other factors that would make a place the cheapest place to live of the best place to retire.

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