Monday, March 7, 2011

Cheapest Cities to Live in the United States

I was chatting with a friend earlier today and we were having a good laugh about these lists that I seem to be so obsessed with. My friend presented the argument that not matter how many statistics are used and how supposedly objective these lists are purported to be the reality is they are always and will remain totally subjective. The fact is when it comes right down to it even the stats are simply just people's opinions. The may have a formula to their cost of living calculator but everyone chose to spend money on different priorities so its still subjective. I couldn't agree more but as you know the reason I play with, present and obsess over my lists of the 'Best places...' or 'Cheapest Places...' is to have fun creating a dialogue - getting the conversation going! It's through listening to and truly understanding the opinions of others that we learn - we learn new perspectives on life and living. If we're lucky from time to time we may even have an Ah, Ha! moment. And with all of that said here is yet another one of my lists! This time I was browsing, again! Yes, you know it Forbes is one of may favorite sources. Anyhow, sure enough I found what I was looking for - another list about places to live. This one was about -

America's Most Affordable Cities

It's actually a slide show presenting the Cheapest Cities in the United States in photo format. Some lovely shots combined with a little stats about each place. I've noticed Forbes and others going more and more to this visual format - probably something their stats told them their readers are ore attracted to!

The slide show starts with #10 and counts down to #1 - presumably #1 is the cheapest or most affordable city in America.

#10 is Austin, Texas with a 'Cost of Living' rank of 15; unemployment 6 and Housing costs 25.
#1 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with a Cost of Living' rank of 12; Unemployment 4 and Housing Costs at 2.

Obviously the lower the score the more affordable or cheaper that city is to live in.

As Forbes writer Francesca Levy points out,

"Just because you can get by on the cheap doesn't mean these places are backwaters."

and I'll add that some of the most expensive cities in the world are down right nasty places that I know I wouldn't want to live.

It's true - this top 10 list of Cheapest Places to Live presents some pretty nice digs that many people would not only consider a great place to live but even long to visit there on holiday. Take for example Nashville, Tennessee in 5th place. Most Americans consider Nashville to be a pretty cool place. It's certainly a top spot for American culture and entertainment. Austin, Texas in 10th place is no hole in the wall either.  Austin has become one of he nations leading hot spots for the high-tech industry so not only is the cost of living low - the job prospects are great and getting better every day.

If you've been subscribing to or following this blog for log you'll recognize many of these Top 10 Affordable Cities on some of our other 'Best in America ' lists.


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