Thursday, March 24, 2011

Best Country to Live in 2010

A few months ago we launched the New Year with a discussion about the Best Places for Quality of Life. The list of countries came from International Living Magazine who rate over 100 countries for quality of life. Of course the data is collected over the entire year so when we look at the list it's historical, meaning the best places, in this case the best countries for quality of life  would be from 2010. As we all know a lot can happen in one year and even during a year. Ratings will fluctuate particularly in lessor developed countries. As I look back at the countries who made the list for 2010 I notice some interesting things that very likely have changed up the order and ranking quite a it. But let me pause and recap for a moment.

What was the Best Country to Live in 2010?

If you read my post back in January, Where Should I Live in 2011, you would have learned that the United States was the best country for quality of life in 2010. Looking back over the past year, even over the past few months you can see that a lot has changed in our crazy world. Has it changed enough to dislodge the U.S. for that #1 postion - probably not. In fact I would say recent world events have probably solidified that decision even more. The U.S. is still one of the healthiest and wealthiest countries to call home. Relative to recent international turmoil be it earthquake, Tsunami or revolution the states is also one of the safest and most stable countries on the planet, save perhaps Canada which one most certainly rank up their as one of the best places to live.

Best Places to Live in The World

But lets have a look at what may have changed over the past few months in terms of the Best Places to Live in the World. Canada for one was suspiciously absent from the Top 20 Countries for Quality of Life in 2010. I'm certain that was some kind of oversight or typo as Canada ranked #9 on the 2009 list. Given the rising cost of oil and the strength of the Canadian dollar I've got to believe Canada would now move quite close to the top of the list. If market indicators are any measure it may very well be number as the U.S. dollar has slipped to a value of 95 cents compared to the Canadian Loonie. Japan is another country that we have all been watching closely. Sure it has had soem economic woes over the past few years with a crippling debt and aging population. However, this small island nation still ranked 7th on the 2010 list of best places for quality of life. The recent earthquake followed by a devastating Tsunami and now an ongoing and as yet unresolved nuclear reactor problem will surely have pushed Japan well down the list if not even off the list altogether.

All in all the events of the past few months have certainly confirmed that we are living in challenging and constantly changing times. Lists are fun and interesting to read but current events tell all. For me I'm  thinking a peaceful little place like retiring in Belize may just be the solution - it may even bring me right back to finding the cheapest places to live!

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