Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cheapest Place to Live in France

Regret the delay getting this going! As you know we just finished up our review of the Best Places to Live in the World now let's see if we can find the Cheapest Places to Live in each of those countries.

France topped our list of the Best Place to Live according to International Livings Quality of Life Index. When it comes to France many people immediately think of Paris and also think of all the stories they have heard about how expensive Paris is. But just like the U.S. or any other country for that matter there are uber expensive places to live and if one looks they can find a Cheap Place to Live even in the most expensive countries.

Get out of Town to find a cheap place to live!

In France like most places you've just got to 'get out of town' to find a cheap place to live!

Just a few hours from Paris you will find the city of Metz. The cost of living including housing and food is cheaper in Metz. Versailles is another community which offers inexpensive shopping while food and rent costs are some of the lowest in all of France. Groceries, childcare, rent & housing and transportation too are all quite affordable in Versailles and it could very well be the Cheapest Place to Live in France if you still want to comfort and luxuries which come form city living.

Follow students for a Cheap Place to Live!

University towns like Montpellier are often quite affordable and cheap places to live as the disproportionate student population helps bring the price of many things down including groceries, clothing and rent.

The Cheapest most Expensive Place to Live

Nice on the French Riviera is beautiful and expensive but it is the Cheapest Place to Live on the French Riviera. The small Monarchy of Monaco is also located on the French Riviera and is one of the best places to live in the world - especially if you're rich and famous!


Charlot said...

Good article. Now, I want to learn French.. a good place but not Paris and not overcrowded with foreign students since I still want to get the French language from the locals? tricky huh? :)

PanamaMark said...

Hey Charlot,

I guess it depends on where you live and how far you want to travel. If you're in North America you might consider somewhere in Quebec or Eastern Canada. In France I would just find a nice quiet village in the countryside.