Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cheapest Places to Live - Reboot!

This blog all started when I was living in Panama and discovered I could live 'like a king on a paupers wage'. As I traveled back and forth to Canada and shared my journey I realized how few people knew that there were cheap places to live that offerred them just as much if not more comfort and amenities than they had where they were living then. Thus the name of the blog. But over the years the discussion expanded well beyond Panama and well beyond just the cheapest places to live. We've discussed a lot of different topics - everything from the Best Places to Retire to Great Places to Visit or Vacation. We've talked about Cities, Countries, States, Provinces, Towns and even beaches and restaurants. It's quite exciting just thinking about all the things we've discussed and learned about!

And now, I have a confession to make - I'm needy and I really want people to visit this blog and join the conversation. It is my hope that people reading and participating in this blog go away with less judgement towards other people, other cultures, other lifestyles and adopt a more open mind to the possibilites of living abroad or simply just moving somewhere new in there own country. But my intentions aren't completely altruistic - I want something out of this discussion too. By reading, writing and getting comments about our wonderful and interesting world it helps me plan my next trip and ultimately the next place I will choose to live. I've adopted this motto, 'So many places... so little time!'

I have another confession to make - this one is probably no big surprise - I'm disorganized! It really shows in this blog doesn't it? Part of the blame is this blogger template that we all have to work with. It sucks! I think there is another way to lay things out but I just haven't taken time to figure that out yet. But I do have some ideas and I would like your feedback on just a few improvements that I think will make it easier for you to read and participate.

I'd like to start by organizing my topics and getting things a bit more standardized so it's easier to follow a discussion. I'll start by getting my titles a little tighter and less rambling and more topic focused like,
Cheapest Places to Live: United States - with the colon : separating the main category, in this case 'Cheapest Places' from the place I'm writing about, in this case, the 'United States'.

The other issue is around what categories we want to discuss. I'd really like some feedback here. So far we've got 'Cheapest Places' and other topics like - 'Best Places' - 'Affordable Places ' - 'Expensive Places' etc. And then we've got sub topics like: places to live, to retire, to visit.

I hope I'm nit rambling and that this makes sense. So, now it's your turn. What would you like to discuss? Give me some suggestions for topics and sub topics you would like to discuss about all of the amazing places on this small planet of ours! It doesn't matter if it is the best place to live in California or the worst place to live in the world we can discuss it and we will try to provide some valuable information for you our readers.

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