Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cheapest Time To Go To Vegas

Determining the cheapest time to go to Vegas is not really as difficult as it might appear. You don't have to have any sort of inside connection in order to figure out that there are certain times of year and certain seasons where it is cheaper to visit sin city then other times. Plus Vegas is a cheap place to go on vacation.

Las Vegas room rates are the place where one can most easily negotiate savings if in fact you are flexible about your travel dates. Of course, things like getting plane tickets cheap and Vegas deals from places like Expedia, Orbitz or Southwest airlines will need to be factored into the equation but because cheap air fare is so difficult to predict it is best to start with what is predictable and work backwards. Besides, plane tickets prices don’t vary that much, it may become secondary to the hotel rates that can be as much or more for one night as it is for one plane ticket. Because hotel room supply and demand has such a strong effect on Las Vegas room rates it is relatively easy to figure out when the demand will be low and in turn the room rates will also be reduced.

There are three factors that generally dictate the number of rooms available at any given time in Las Vegas and in turn the best time to travel to Las Vegas. The first factor is the number of conventioneers in town. Conventions are the lifeblood of Las Vegas hotels and when they are absent, hotel rooms can be a bargain. The second factor is the weather. Because Las Vegas is famous in the summertime for extremely hot weather, this can play an important role in determining when people decide to visit the gambling mecca. July and August generally are the hottest months with temperatures sometimes reaching near 120°F and lots of visitors will stay away. The third factor that heavily influences the traffic in Las Vegas is the time around what traditionally have been family holidays. Primarily holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas will be slower times in Las Vegas and in turn the cheapest time to go to Vegas.

In order to figure out the cheapest time to go to Vegas one can take any of the aforementioned circumstances and with a little research generally come up with considerable savings on hotel rooms to make your visit the best time to go to Las Vegas. For instance, planning a vacation to Las Vegas might involve first checking the cheapest flight and then checking the Las Vegas convention schedule (available from the Las Vegas convention Bureau) to find out the gaps or periods of time when few conventions, if any, are in town. Overlay that with either the hot months of summer or traditional family holiday periods and you usually will come up with the least expensive time to visit Las Vegas.

Because the hotel casinos do their very best to keep their guests entertained inside their own properties you will find it very conducive to remaining indoors the entire time you are in Las Vegas. It is a hotel owners dream to have their guests never leave the property so they work very hard at making sure you have every opportunity to be catered to without stepping foot outside their door. And even should you find it necessary or desirable to leave the property it will be a quick taxi ride to another equally entertaining property a short distance away.

As a 10 year resident of Las Vegas and frequent visitor to the Las Vegas strip I would not hesitate at all to recommend Las Vegas in the summertime for a visitor who plans to take advantage of the things Las Vegas is most famous for. These mega-resorts that make up much of the Vegas strip have spent billions of dollars making sure their guests will not only be comfortable but happy for the entire visit.

In conclusion, you can see that determining the cheapest time to go to Vegas is when it is generally being ignored by large groups of people. This can be a vacationer’s window of opportunity to visit the world-class resorts of Las Vegas on a budget.

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