Thursday, March 10, 2011

Overseas Jobs For Americans

This post about overseas jobs for Americans is a follow-up to the post from two days ago, titled International Jobs for US Citizens. In my previous research I also found more information about teaching jobs overseas for Americans and international employment that I felt like was relevant to the American who is looking to move and work overseas but would make the last post entirely too long. In that article I talked about the normal avenues to find jobs that are available internationally like the following:

international banking jobs
teach English abroad
international business
teaching jobs abroad
international nursing jobs
overseas security jobs
international business jobs
teaching abroad
oil and gas jobs overseas
international executive jobs
overseas contractors
truck driving jobs overseas
international sales jobs

international finance jobs

Beyond these, what really caught my eye was a large quantity of information about the US government and how they hire a lot of employees and of course US citizens are who they hire. The overseas jobs for Americans that I found available through the government are drug abuse specialists, teachers, housing officers, social workers, engineers, equipment specialists, shorthand reporters, procurement officers, nurses, management analysts, foreign service officers, auditors, accountants and the list goes on. I felt like as broad a range as was included in this list, there must be people in these fields that come to this blog regularly and that could use this information about overseas government jobs.

There are almost 90,000 employees that work abroad in about 140 countries so surely almost anyone with any sort of skill could qualify for some of the jobs for Americans abroad. The largest employer is the Defence Department with almost 50,000 overseas employees and the State Department is 2nd with over 20,000 working internationally.

As far as an outsider that is a US citizen just walking in and getting a job, it is not quite that easy. First these agencies look internally to hire whatever skill they need for jobs overseas but if there is no one that either qualifies or applies for the job they will post the job through agencies .
One would need to contact an agency for these lists of jobs to start an overseas job search. Following are some of the websites that may offer you assistance in finding these jobs abroad :

The Air Force Service Career Program at this site:

The Army and Air Force Exchange Service at this site:

The Navy Morale, Welfare & Recreation at this site:

The Army Civilian Personel OnLine at this site:

The Navy Exchange System at this site:

The Marine Corp Community Services at this site:

Overseas Employment Conditions

There are certain conditions that must be meet for some of the overseas contract jobs. These conditions can be security related, physical, educational qualification, tour of duty. These conditions are announced at the same time as the job and will be listed as conditions, restrictions and qualifications.
There are also other qualifications that may be part of a job requirement. Things like physical examinations, security checks, transportation agreements, requirements for foreign language, depending on the job there may be restrictions on dependents too.

International Compensation

The pay and benefits are most of the time very similar both in and out of the United States but in addition there is often a pay differential, housing allowance and sometimes a cost-of-living allowance depending on the situation. The benefits are good and are very similar for civil employees everywhere.

There is a fair amount of competition for jobs abroad for Americans but for a qualified individual there are still jobs, especially as the rotation of people back from tours of duty are constantly creating openings.

These types of jobs may not be the best for everyone but for those that qualify these jobs overseas for Americans can be a real bonus for the person seeking to live in a foreign country. It certainly will give you a chance to see a new part of the world and who knows, you may find your best place to retire or even find some really cheap places to live and retire.

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