Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Best Places to Live - UK

Finding the Best Places to Live in the UK

If you ever watch HGTV's House Hunters than you know UK property expert Phil Spencer. He says,

"Picking an area to live in isn't just about a budget, it's about finding somewhere that suits your family and lifestyle."

I came across Phil's solid tips on On where he writes about:

How to choose where to buy in the UK

Phil advises buyers in the UK to:

1. Think about transportation hubs and connections. The closer you live to a train station or major highway or airport the more popular the Real Estate - you'll have to pay for that convenience though. But convenience aside there are some negatives namely noise pollution and less privacy. It's a good idea to check train schedules and flight paths for where you are considering. Sometimes agents will pick optimum times to show a property - when the train is not running or the airport is quiet. It can be quite a shock if you're awakened at 5:00 am to the whistle of a commuter train passing through your backyard!

2. Look for places with useful amenities. Shopping, restaurants and entertainment close by can really turn a house into a home. It's about lifestyle and living. Also look for trends. If you spot small shops being renovated and new ones being opened it's a good sign the neighbourhood is moving in the right direction. You can also review current and past issues of local newspapers and magazines for announcements. You may even want to visit the local planning department to get an idea of the future for the community your considering.

3. Be alert to places that offer open spaces likes parks and water features. If you have a pet or children it's important to have recreation areas close by where you can walk and simply enjoy the outdoors. The best places to live are often associated with nature.

4. Check out the education system, even if you don't have children. Research has revealed that crime rates are in direct correlation to the quality of education in an area. Where a community is focused on developing the potential of their youth there is less chance you will find school drop-outs who pick up a life of crime. Well educated people believe in themselves and are contributing participants in the community they live in.

Of course as you read through this list of tips for finding the best places to live in the UK you've probably notices that they are applicable to finding the best country to live in and then using the same questions and criteria to find the best spots within hat country. After all we share the human condition regardless of our nationality or where we chose to live. Even when timers are tough and you need to find the cheapest place to live these tips can still help you skew the odds in your favour for finding the best place.

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