Monday, April 23, 2012

The Cheapest Places to Retire by the Beach

When it comes to living in retirement on the cheap we all know the concept is almost completely subjective - that is to say one persons cheap could be completely different than another. Lifestyle factors are the first consideration. For some living in the cold is no big deal. Some retirees may even have problems dealing with heat and exposure to the sun and therefor really want and need to live some where cool and cloudy or at least shady. On the other hand many people and in all likelihood the majority of people would say living by water and specifically near a beach would be wonderful. So, is it possible? Can one find a cheap place to retire by the beach? I think so! Let's have a look at -

The Most Affordable Places for Retirement by the Beach

Choosing the cheapest places to retire is not a task that should be taken lightly. Retiring abroad is the dream of many people who have lived and worked in the same places their whole lives and want to experience something different in their twilight years. In some cases people want to return to a place that they have visited on vacation before, in others they are looking for an adventure. It is always best to conduct serious research into any country before visiting, let alone moving there permanently. For the few who actually get to do it, choosing the right place usually involves selecting based on a list of criteria including personal taste, cost of living, quality of the healthcare available and familiarity with the culture.

Panama is One of the Best Places to Live After Retirement

Panama is one of the more popular places for retirement outside of the USA for several good reasons. The first is the potential for it to be a tax haven for those who meet certain qualifications. Another is the fact that the country has a relatively high standard of living while also being an affordable place to live. Panama also uses the US dollar as its national currency, making things a lot simpler for new residents as they will not have a new currency or new exchange rates to figure out. To make it all even more appealing, Panama has always had strong ties with the US and there is a large community of ex-pat retirees in place there already. Those retiring to Panama can choose between the bustling metropolitan life of Panama City or, for a more rural setting, they may want to venture into the the hills and forests of the county. For many, the selling point is the abundance of beaches and the relaxed atmosphere of the beach towns.


Mexico Has Some of the Best Beaches in the World

Good old Mexico has gotten a bad rap recently due to drug cartel squabbles, but the fact is that those occur mostly in border towns and therefore ex-pats elsewhere in the country should be relatively safe. Apart from being next-door to the USA, Mexico has good food, a plentiful supply of beaches and in the big cities it is possible to find a good standard of living and reasonable healthcare. This is to say nothing of the fact that there are thousands of ex-pats living there already, therefore newcomers will have a community ready and waiting for them to join in.

Retire Cheap

France Has an Excellent Healthcare System

France is well known as a tourist destination. French food, wine, and art are all of a high enough quality that people travel from all corners of the world to partake of them. The French beaches of Canne and St Tropez are also among the more glamorous and well-known Europe. In fact, it could be said that no one can truly consider themselves a world traveler without experiencing a trip to France. Well, France is no longer just for backpacking college kids and the average summer tourist. It is widely considered to be one of the more appealing places in which to retire. Apart from the culture and countryside, France is one of the all-round best places to live in the world and offers a number of benefits including relatively affordable home ownership some of the very best health care available anywhere.

Cheap, Safe, and Friendly: The World's Top Retirement Havens

There are places, the world over, where people are friendly, crime is almost non-existent, health care is excellent, and prices for everything from homes to groceries and doctors' visits could make you think it's 1953 again.

Places where it is possible to reduce your retirement cost of living, perhaps dramatically...while increasing the quality of your life.

We have prepared a series of five Country Retirement Reports that contain complete details on retirement opportunities in some of the world's top retirement havens right now.

Is the idea of moving abroad for a cheap place to live in retirement just not your cup of tea? If you're goal is to live in retirement in the U.S. there are plenty of cheap places to live and many are on the beach. Check out the post below for a free report on the cheapest places to retire in the U.S. and a review of the new comprehensive directory by the Rich Habits Institute.