Monday, November 14, 2011

What Are the Best US States to Live In?

The best places to live in the United States is a highly subjective topic. It seems everyone has a different opinion, and the answer generally depends on what the individual is looking for. Not only that but when we do try and find objective data it changes so rapidly that the best state in 2010 could easily slip out of the top ten in a matter of a year do to the instability of the US economy these days. Based on a purely economic data, North Dakota and Nebraska appear to top the list. With unemployment rates well below the national average, it seems jobs are in great supply in these two states, leading to the affordability that comes with living in a prosperous place. These aren’t the only great places to live, however. Read on, as we outline the best US states by region.

The Best States to Live in the Northeast

Virginia and Maine are the forerunners in this category. Both of these states hold places in the top 20 list of highest wage earning states and have relatively low unemployment rates when compared to the national average. There is an abundance of beauty there, as well as history, culture and plenty of activities. Virginia is a consistent presence on the “Best Places to Raise Children” list, while Maine is a usual suspect on the “Most Relaxing Places to Live” register.

The Best States to Live in the Northwest

No list of great places to live would be complete without mentioning Oregon and Washington. The natural beauty of the rugged Pacific coastline coupled with the excitement of Portland and Seattle can make for a delicate combination of outdoor activity and big-city living. Portland, often voted one of the “Top 5 Places to Live” has plenty of entertainment, while Oregon as a whole is a leader in “green living.” Washington is typically a wealthy state, regularly falling within the top 10 on the list of “Richest States.”

The Best States to Live in the Central US

The central US is a big area comprised of many great states. Colorado is beautiful and mostly immune to much of the severe weather typical in the central US, while Iowa has low unemployment rates and great schools. Both states have a median income of approximately $50,000 a year. As noted in the beginning of this article, North Dakota and Nebraska are also wonderful places to live in this region.

The Best States to Live in the Southeast

Florida and North Carolina headline this category. Florida has been voted “Best Place to Retire” too many times to count. With a healthy housing market and many activities for seniors and families alike, Florida is an “everyone” state. North Carolina has a much lower tax liability than much of the nation, as well as plenty of outdoor activities and great schools, making this a wonderful place to raise children. Cary, North Carolina was voted the “Safest Place to Live” in the southeast.

State of Florida

The Best States to Live in the Southwest

Arizona and New Mexico are great choices in this region. The dry desert heat of these states makes them some of the healthiest places to live, while the history and culture of the region brings in many creative-minded people. New Mexico is a great place for artists, while Arizona’s housing market, cleanliness and relative safety bring in many families with children.

The best places to live will depend largely on what an individual likes or dislikes, as well as where they are in their lives. A family with children and a single retiree would most certainly disagree on this topic. The United States is so vast and diverse and filled with so many wonderful places to live that coming to an unequivocal and unanimous conclusion would be nearly impossible. It's just another example of why Freedom is the most cherished value of living in the US, everyone is welcome to choose their own “Best Place to Live.”

Editors note: This article is just an overview of what we have found to be acknowledged consistently year after year as the best states to live in. Over the coming weeks we will explore each region in great detail to give you a flavor of why and ow these states gain this recognition. As always we encourage you to leave your comments below - please share with us what you agree with and what you disagree with. Tell us what you believe represent the best states to live in and why.

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Pam said...

It would be nice to know which states have the lowest tax rates and which have the highest as this makes a huge difference when chosing a place to live.

Smith said...

This are the states that has low tax Alabama-Iowa, Kansas-New Mexico, New York-Wyoming