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Overseas Jobs vs Jobs in America

It's been a while so I thought this whole discussion we've been having about the Obama Jobs Plan and the idea of Jobs Overseas for Americans is worth running a little poll.

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Would consider taking a job overseas?

Note: I realize this blog has readers and followers from all over the planet however this particular poll is obviously intended for our US based followers.

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When we asked the question, Would you consider a job overseas? 51 people responded with 46 saying Yes they would look at Overseas Jobs while 5 readers said no they wouldn't.

Final Results from our Work Overseas Poll

Editors Note: Thanks to all who voted. It would be great to here some of the reasons you said 'yeh or nay'. Please take a moment to leave your ideas and opinions about jobs in America and the idea of working overseas in our comments section.

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Jobs Overseas for Americans

Early in the month I blogged about the Obama Jobs Plan and the idea that Overseas Jobs are a good option for Americans to consider. Meanwhile back in March I blogged for a few days about those opportunities overseas for Americans who are having trouble finding work at home. Today I thought it time to bring the topic up again and provide fresh perspective on the concept. 

Working Overseas

Finding overseas jobs is something which can be a reality for those who are brave enough to do the work necessary to achieve that goal. While it's tough, very tough, here in the US for those out of work the reality is there are many, many jobs to be had overseas. That may seem like a contradictory idea, especially when we watch CNN or listen to news about the 'Arab Spring' and how it was brought about by disenfranchised and unemployed young people. That is very true but one must pause a realize as an American we have a lot things going for us that employers all over the world want. Number one is that we all speak English and we understand the motivation and behavior behind the American consumer. This may seem like nothing to you but realize that America is the number one consumer in the world and everyone wants a piece of that demand. The next important thing we have is education. It's true our education system has slipped and is in much need of repair but those Americans who have a degree or diploma and experience in the work force are head a shoulders above the rest of the world.

A Career Abroad isn't Easy

Before I paint too rosy a picture it's important to realize that working overseas is a challenge and a huge life changing experience. It's not for everyone but it can be for many. Here are a few tips to make your journey to the ex-pat lifestyle and an international career a bit easier:

  • Make sure to visit the country in which you plan to work ahead of accepting a job. It is best to research and choose a country in which you’d like to live, then begin applying and interviewing for jobs in that country. I like to say, Design your life. Then find the career that fits into it.
  • Moving overseas is a huge decision and not one to be made based on photos or statistics on a website. Even Hades can be made to sound appealing on the internet.
  • Look to our own government first. Again, this is somewhat counter-intuitive but realize that while our government is slashing and cutting at home they are continuing to spend ast amounts of money abroad. Instead of being the scape goat for your employment woes the US government could become your saviour. 

Overseas Government Job Opportunities

  • Diplomatic jobs such as Foreign Service Officer, Civil Service Officer, Diplomatic Security, Foreign Service Specialist and many others. These are jobs which support peace, prosperity and U.S. interests in overseas regions along with ensuring the safety of U.S. citizens visiting or living in the country to which these officers are assigned. Working in Embassies offers great opportunity of jobs overseas for Americans, but you must be legally eligible to work in the country where the embassy is located and typically you must have a work permit and residency visa for that country. Something that that takes a little work but is certainly doable.
  • Since the United States is currently supporting democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan there are several positions which are available to U.S. citizens on a temporary basis. Housing and accommodations are of a basic nature and these are not jobs in which a family can join the employee but for single people this can be a great way to see the world while earning some money.
  • The Peace Corps is a very worthwhile organization which has been around for 50 years this year. While working for the Peace Corps is primarily a volunteer position, it is a huge resume builder. Volunteers make a small salary for needs while abroad and the food and housing are provided by Peace Corps. When working for Peace Corps you have the ability to make a difference in the life of people less fortunate than yourself and will learn a lot  from the experience. These jobs are typically for young people ages 18-25.

  • Peace Corps also has permanent jobs relating to placing volunteers, securing jobs for volunteers and the administration of the program. To be eligible for these jobs you must meet the eligibility requirements and complete an online application.
  • Overseas Job hunting Tip - Many great jobs and resources can be found at the state department website.
  • D.o.D. - The Department of Defense hires civilian employees for many jobs at overseas American Military bases. Teaching is one of the positions for which the DoD recruits. Candidates must have 3 years teaching experience. Working on a military base can be the best of both worlds. Jobs are secure and pay better than most teaching jobs state side. On the base you have the security of the United States way of life, while outside the base you can explore the country in which you live.

Non-Government Job Opportunities Overseas

  • Middle/Upper management in manufacturing: While manufacturing appears to be a dying industry in America many places overseas are just getting into the game.  Management jobs are available in the manufacturing industry since all of our manufacturing jobs have moved overseas. These jobs usually pay well and it is expected that your family would accompany you. 
  • Construction jobs are available overseas but there are scams so beware. Do not forward anyone a fee. Go through reputable sources, such as the USAJobs.gov - the Federal Governments official job site. Private employers post jobs on websites such as USA Jobs. You do not have to be a government employee in order to work overseas safely. The Ladders headhunting company states they have careers abroad paying $100K + a year.
  • Greenforce.org is a non-government sponsored volunteering opportunity. It operates only at the invitation of the host country and its goal is to help protect and increase indigenous people’s food sources and help sustain wildlife and the ecosystem.

Jobs overseas can be temporary or permanent. Assess your goals, needs and desires before deciding what kind of job to choose.

Back in March I blogged for a few days about opportunities overseas for Americans who are having trouble finding work at home. I did a couple posts you may want to refer back to as there was some good, valuable info in those posts - check out Overseas Jobs for Americans  and International Jobs for US Citizens. Both will provide you with some useful information

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The Best Places to Retire

The Best Places for Retirees

People often dream of an exciting life in an exotic, foreign country. The worries of life, however, such as job, family and other responsibilities prevent most people of living that dream. But now that you are no longer tied down to a job, and the kids are grown and out of the house, you can now think seriously about moving to that dream location.

But what about the cost of living the life that you deserve? As baby boomers get older, they flock to all the traditional retirement locations, driving up the prices in the process. A couple of decades ago, Ashville, North Carolina was an affordable city and a popular area for retirement. Since then, the population of Ashville has grown 25%, and the cost of living is higher than the national average. Ashville is not alone. Other retiree-friendly areas have seen a meteoric increase in real estate prices, despite the housing collapse occurring in the rest of the nation. The result is that most of the traditional spots where people once chose to retire are now prohibitively expensive.

In the meantime, savings have shrunk, and retiree income is stagnant. Social Security recipients saw no raise in benefits last year, and they will receive none this year. Treasury bond yields are at a low and certificates of deposit are yielding a mere 0.55 percent. Many people are actually seeing a decrease in their income.

The economic picture looks bleak for those nearing retirement age, but it’s not as terrible as one might think. Most people who can no longer afford Florida or California are finding that they can afford to live an exiting life in an exotic, foreign land. Not only is it cheaper to move to a tropical paradise than it is to move to Florida, you can lead the life that you never thought possible.

The Best Retirement Places in the World

Panama could be the best place in the world to retire. The cost of living is small with rent for an apartment starting at $200, while groceries will cost you about half of what they cost in the United States. There is plenty of fascinating things to do and see in Panama. The people are friendly, and the weather is fantastic. It’s a small country covering about the same area as South Carolina, and Panama has no taxes on foreign income and they offer outstanding programs for retirees.

One of the things that make Panama so popular for retirees is that, except for the spoken language, it’s not much different than the United States. In contrast, Thailand is quite different. It’s an exotic land with a totally different culture than in the US. Industrialization is new to Thailand, and it’s a popular tourist destination. Thailand has a tropical climate and a remarkably low cost of living. In some parts of the country, a single-bedroom apartment will rent for less than $100 per month, and groceries are considerably cheaper than in the United States. As a matter of fact, some people are able to live comfortably on about $500 per month.

When one thinks of a place in South America in which to retire, Argentina usually doesn’t come to mind. This may be a mistake because Argentina is one of the best locations in the world to retire. It has beautiful landscapes, large cities and a rich culture. If you love nature, you can cross the Patagonian Steppe, conquer South America’s highest mountain, take a stroll among thousands of penguins or experience the world’s most stunning waterfalls. The cost of living in Argentina is cheaper than in the United States. An apartment rents for about $300 per month and can be found even cheaper. Groceries are extremely affordable, and basic utilities cost approximately $50 per month.

Top Retirement Cities

Americans love Ajijic, Mexico. This quiet, Mexican Village is nestled between lush green mountains and a crystal clear lake. Ajijic has spring-like weather all year, and since many Americans live there, it has all the amenities that you can get at home. There are dozens of English speaking clubs for retirees to join from the Lake Chapala Society, with its extensive library of English-language books, to the American Legion. Housing is affordable with a one bedroom apartment renting for an average of $220. Groceries cost only half of what they cost in the United States.

The city of Cuenca is found in southern Ecuador and is a favorite for knowledgeable American retirees. Cuenca is at the top of International Living’s list of best places to retire and is Ecuadors third largest city. Located in the Andes, more than 7500 feet above sea level, it has one of Central America’s best climates, and its proximity to the equator ensures that the temperature remains about the same throughout the year.

The best part of Cuenca is the cost. Compared to living in the United States, Ecuador is a bargain. $150 is all it takes to rent a one bedroom apartment, and utilities average $45 per month. $3 will buy a meal in an inexpensive restaurant, while $9 buys a three course dinner for two.

Deadwood, South Dakota is perfect for retirees wanting the raw nature of the Black Hills. The Black Hills have beautiful scenery and breathtaking national parks. You can find Mount Rushmore near the Old West town of Deadwood. This historic town came to the forefront in 1876 when gold was discovered in the Black Hills. Though not as cheap as Mexico or Ecuador, living in Deadwood costs roughly 20 percent less than the national average. Those who wish to retire in Deadwood will not be alone. Almost half the population is over 45 years of age, and 17 percent are over 65.

The Best Places to Live

Choosing a place to retire demands a lot of research and planning. The Internet has a number of resources available to help you find the perfect place. Big-city amenities, such as health care, are important. Most retirement-aged individuals experience increased health care needs, so it’s essential to choose a location with adequate health care facilities.

Moving to an area where prices are significantly lower than where you currently live will give your savings and retirement income a boost. There are a multitude of cheap places to live all over the world. It’s not hard finding places where you can retire for under $1000 per month. If you want to work part-time to supplement your income, or to keep yourself busy, you need to find a place where unemployment is low, and the economy is growing.

Recreation is another relevant consideration. You’ve worked for your entire adult life, and now you deserve some relaxation. If you enjoy golf, having a quality golf course nearby is a definite plus. Others might enjoy having some lakes for fishing or trails to hike. Fans of the arts might choose life near the large city where they have easy access to concerts, opera and the theatre.

The social structure of the place where you want to move is a vital consideration. Atheists may be uncomfortable in the deep rural areas of the US Bible Belt where the whole social structure centers on the church. Many foreign locations have hundreds, or even thousands, of expatriates with their own social structure. Living in an area with pockets of people with similar backgrounds as you can make your new home a more comfortable place to live. Proper research and planning will ensure that you choose the perfect location to spend the best years of your life.

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Best Cities For Singles

Where are the Best Cities For Singles?

Paris may be the City of love, but Barcelona is the city for loving! And Paris is probably the last place that you want to be if you are single. Couples are everywhere, and you will find yourself in the minority. Barcelona Spain however is different. In Barcelona, almost everyone is single. Singles are out on the streets throughout the night eating, drinking, kissing and gazing into each others eyes.

Editors note: Check out this video - not only does it give you a nice flavour of Barcelona what stuck me more was the guy shooting the video. He introduces the video with his purpose which he calls, 'Meet a Local' whereby he arrives in a town knowing no one with the objective of finding a local person who will let him tell their story. How cool is that?!

Barcelona Spain

Berlin, the best place to live? It certainly doesn't have that image but since the fall of communism, Berlin has become a very popular, freewheeling city with a wide range of cultural events. Not only is it a beautiful city, there is a large number of colleges that attract young adults. Berlin is still pretty cheap compared to other European cities, and it’s an easy place to live and work.

Shanghai China

Many people picture massive crowds and tasteless architecture when thinking of cities in China. Shanghai does have some of these problems, but at its core, Shanghai is a beautiful city. Its many cultural attractions and fun atmosphere make it a place where young adults tend to congregate. And now, because of China’s growing economy and internationalism, Shanghai is a popular destination for young adults around the world.

Shanghai, China

San Francisco USA

San Francisco is probably the most tolerant city in the United States and is a marvelous place for singles. Not only is there abundant natural beauty and artistic wonders, the city is the cultural heart of the West Coast with its museums, music, galleries and street performers. And when the sun goes down, the city comes to life with many areas in San Francisco catering to singles.

Melbourne Australia

Over the past few years, Melbourne has become Australia’s cultural capital. It’s beautiful landscape is pedestrian friendly, and it features a large number of neighborhoods with a bristling night-life of bars and clubs catering to young adults. Melborne has enough to keep singles happy for a long time.

Melbourne, Australia

The Best City For Singles

Its tremendous population density makes New York City the right place to meet other people. Everywhere you go, you will run into other singles, so your chance of finding a date is excellent. New York is known as the “the city that never sleeps” for good reason. It has several nightclubs, discos, bars and lounges for people to meet and mingle. New York’s dating scene is exciting and dynamic. It has numerous activities and entertainment from Broadway plays to the countries finest restaurants. Nobody ever gets bored in New York.

With millions of singles living in and around the city, there is someone for everybody. Besides, it’s easier getting a date to the latest Broadway hit than it is to a boring movie in the middle of nowhere.
There is a down-side to living in New York, however. It can be extremely expensive. Rent for an apartment in Manhattan, for instance, starts at $3500 per month. You can save a significant amount of money by living in Queens or Brooklyn where rents are as low as $1500. For those on a budget, a one
bedroom apartment in Newark, New Jersey rents for as little as $600 per month.

Editors note: I saw this video on ouTube and though I'd share it. Although it only looks at the Best Cities for Singles in the United States it's still kind of cool and worth watching. Let me know in the comments if you agree with their list.

The New York area is enormous, so you don't have to live in Manhattan for a night life. Many singles not only want to live in one of the other boroughs, they're forming new centers of culture and activities in areas once reserved for working class families. Places that were once shunned by singles such as Clinton Hill, Washington Heights and Astoria have become bristling places for singles. This is essential as many parts of the city are prohibitively expensive for anyone making less than six figures.
Its millions of singles, theater, fine restaurants, night clubs and bars make
New York City the best place in the world for singles.

Best Places To Live for Singles

Finding a suitable place for a single person to live is as easy as pulling up your favorite search engine. New York is probably the best city in the United States for singles, but it's extremely expensive. Those on a tight budget might like Portland, Oregon better. Portland has a vibrant nightlife, low cost of living compared to New York, and a large population of singles.

Singles wanting to go to South America will want to look into Buenos Aires, Argentina. Buenos Aires is a modern city with a European flair, and is best-known for its cultural and social life. Buenos Aires has a thriving nightlife, and it has a large number of young, single adults. Finding a date, or a spouse should be no problem.

Bangkok is an natural choice for singles moving to Asia. Bangkok's nightlife is unparalleled anywhere in the world. It doesn't matter if you are looking for an alcohol-fueled rave or a quiet, wine-sipping hideaway. Bangkok has it all. When you add its exotic culture, impressive architecture and friendly people, Bangkok is an easy choice.

There is nowhere in Europe, perhaps the world, likes Amsterdam. It is unquestionably one of Europe’s premier cities for singles. Amsterdam has a rich culture and an exciting nightlife. The city is extremely flexible with an anything goes attitude. Amsterdam is much more than its acclaimed red-light district. Its quality of life is among the best in the world, and its healthcare is excellent. It's no exaggeration to say that a single person in Amsterdam is in heaven.

Today's world is a single's world. If you like the nightlife and enjoy hanging-out with like-minded people, there are hundreds of places throughout the world that are right for you. If you're not sure where to go, vacation in a few of your possible locations to try them out. A little bit of time and effort is all it takes to find the perfect place for you.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Obama Speech Over - Battle Begins Over Jobs Plan

This past week we've been conversing about the Obama Jobs Plan - what would be in it? How the Government can get America back to work. Well, last night all of the guessing and speculation came to an end as Obama delivered his speech to the joint session of congress.

So, what do we now know. For most all we know or care about is who won the football game - that's the sad truth, but more on that later!

We know that Obama didn't just ask for $350 - $400 billion as speculated - nope he went for the whole enchilada - $450 Billion! Whoa. That'll keep the guys who print greenbacks employed anyways. And as suspected the Republicans yawned and dismissed the plan before Obama had even finished presenting it.

The biggest part of the plan, in terms of cost, is the payroll tax cut which represents $175 billion of the total projected cost. The plan also calls for much needed expenditures on education by putting $25 Billion into school infrastructure including buying computers and making schools safer through emergency repairs. It also calls for an additional $35 billion to be used for salaries and wages thus preventing 280,000 teachers form losing heir jobs and hiring even more.

Of course my favorite Senator, Mitch McConnell, who is so concerned about the American people had this positive and constructive thing to say,

"The president's so-called jobs plan is to try those very same policies again and then accuse anyone who doesn't support them this time around of being political or overtly partisan, of not doing what's needed in this moment of crisis. This isn't a jobs plan. It's a re-election plan."

That's helpful Mitch!

What is of most interest to me is how little interest the American people even took in this. I monitor stats throughout the week and the whole Jobs Plan didn't even show on the interest meters - it seems Americans are more interested in football than what their public officials are up to! Perhaps some of the Republicans were right and everyone should have just stayed home to watch the game. It's sad really. American society has become a mob of spectators - arm chair quarterbacks. Everyone has signed off on their participatory rights - we've handed them over to our 'representatives' and look where that's getting us. It's time for us to get out of our lazy-boys and start participating!

So, what do you think? And I'm not asking for the same crap that plagues the Hill - I'm asking for some constructive ideas here. What do we need to do to get America back to work? How can our government and elected officials support that goal? Or is it over? Shall we all just float our Lazy-Boys across the pond in search of Overseas Jobs for Americans?

Please leave your comments below or on Goole 1+ and let's get some healthy constructive discussion going!

Source: Obama Speech Over, Battle Begins Over Jobs Plan:

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Obama's Jobs Plan Unveiled Today

We've been talking and debating this for the past week and the day has finally arrived - this evening Obama's Jobs Plan will finally be unveiled as he addresses Congress and the nation.

The Presidents ultimate goal is to get Congress to finally stop bickering and take some action and to convince voters that he really can get the economy growing and Americans back to work. Of course it's a tal order and the deck is certainly stacked against Obama at this point. With elections just over a year from now the Republican dominated Congress seems determined to do whatever it takes to make sure Obama fails. In fact some Republican representatives have gone so far as to suggest a boycott of the speech saying they would rather be home watching the NFL season opener. Now that's mature and just shows how important jobs and getting Washington working is to these supposed People's Representatives. I don't care how wrong Obama may be or how poor his plan is that is simply total disrespect for the institution of the presidency and our democratic way of life.

But there is hope that some reasonable heads may still be hanging around Washington and that they at least take our predicament and their jobs seriously.

With regards to the idea of boycotting the Presidential address House Speaker, John Boehner had this to say,

"He (Obama) is the president of the United States, and I believe that all members ought to be here - As an institution, the president's coming at our invitation. We ought to be respectful, and we ought to welcome him."

Boehner also continued to give strong indications he was serious about solving the nations economic crisis and that it is a higher priority than simply making the President look bad in an effort to oust him from office, when he said,

"In my case, I'm going to be looking for where's the common ground, what is it that we can agree on. We know that the two parties aren't going to agree on everything. But the American people want us to find common ground," and,

"I'm hopeful that, after the president gives his speech, that we'll be able to sit down in a bipartisan way and find common ground that will help improve our economy and improve the job picture for the American people,"

In the end isn't that what the American people really want - a solution? For our representatives to work together and solve the nations problems?

And, if Washington can't get their act together don't forget Plan B - if the Jobs Plan fails and things remain in stalemate in Washington than Overseas Jobs may very well be our best option.

Sources: CBS News Obama's jobs plan  and Obama Speech

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Obama Jobs Plan

When it comes to a Jobs Plan I've been suggesting Overseas Jobs could be an alternative for some Americans to find work but today lets turn our attention back home as the debate over the Obama Jobs Creation Plan heats up.

Two days before we even see the plan Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican Leader, is already shooting it down. In his Senate speech yesterday he said he was 'certain' the plan will fail. Nice attitude Mitch! So, while McConnell suggested Obama will just be presenting the 'same failed approach' I guess he figures he'll jump the gun and deliver the Republicans 'same failed approach' - just reject it before it even gets debated. That makes a lot of sense doesn't it? And the world looks on - its like watching a couple bicker and fight during a nasty divorce case.

President Obama is to appear before Congress on Thursday to present his detailed Jobs Plan. According to August statistics the unemployment rate in the U.S. hit 9.1% last month.

So far we've heard hints of what the plan will entail including - new investment in infrastructure to stimulate jobs in construction; a payroll tax cut being extended and potentially broadened and additional aid for the long term unemployed.

But what of McConnell? What's he interested in? It seems to me, and please pardon the politically incorrect reference here, but really, its pretty obvious McConnell and the Republicans are focused on one thing - guilty or innocent, they wants them a linchin'! McConnell even said, "his top priority is to prevent Obama from winning a second term as president". Isn't that nice. His priorities have nothing to do with the American people - nothing to do with helping the nation out of this mess, that the Republicans created I might add, nope his priority is simple - getting Obama out and by extension getting his and the Republicans power back. Isn't that kind of what got the U.S. in this trouble to begin with? The lust for power and control - Greed is Good?

OK - I'm rambling here back to the facts and perhaps some common sense. There do appear to be some clearer heads in the Republican Party as John Boehner, House Speaker and Eric Cantor, Majority Leader wrote a letter to Obama stating that they wanted to work cooperatively -

"While it is important that we continue to debate and discuss our different approaches to job creation, it is also critical that our differences not preclude us from taking action in areas where there is common agreement," the leaders said.

Hmmmm - has anyone discussed this with Mitch baby? Sounds like these bad boys are almost sleeping with the enemy! Oh, I bet Mitch is pissed!

Moving on lets see how divided the Republicans really are. Today Senator Roy Blunt continued the McCarthy - oops - did I say that? I mean McConnell stance by saying he didn't "expect there to be much to respond to" when asked why there was no response scheduled following Obama's address. On Fox News, big surprise there, Blunt said, "So far theres no indication that anything extraordinary is going to happen in what should be an extraordinary moment..." Now thats a positive, optimistic, cooperative attitude isn't it?

So, what do you think? Leave your comment below or on 1+ and lets get this party started!


Friday, September 2, 2011

Overseas Jobs

Friday - Next week President Obama will reveal his Jobs Creation Package - yet another program to try and stimulate big business into putting just some of that boat load of cash they're sitting on back into circulation by hiring and putting American back to work. But what if it doesn't work?

What if this too is yet another failed stimulis?

Don Lee of the Los Angeles Times reports,

"The U.S. economy added no new jobs in August — the worst showing in a year — as employers cut back hiring and trimmed work hours of existing employees."

It seems big Business in America is quite happy to be sitting with a ton of cash. Lets face it the 'crisis' was a great opportunity to bust unions, cut wages and automate like mad. Actions that in the past would have  been met with a fury from workers and governments alike. But in the wake of a collapsing stock market and a collapsing economy all of a sudden businesses who fired workers and broke unions became the heros of the nation. They saved the day. So, why would they want to go back to the days of old? It's going just fine, thank you very much. Profits are through the roof and executive bonuses are bigger than ever. Plus the shareholders are wining too as the corporate stocks in their portfolios remain strong. Again, what if this latest tactic doesn't work?

Is there a Plan B?

I believe there may very be some good options for Americans seeking work and even if you don't like the idea of this, its a lot better than sitting back - hoping and praying President Obama can thaw out this long job freeze. Yes, it's always good to have back up plan.

Awhile back I blogged, just a little, about opportunities for Americans abroad in my post, Overseas Jobs for Americans. Over the next few days I will be adding a lot more to the topic. Watch this post as it grows both with information about news on the Jobs Creation Program and even more info providing some ideas and insights into this potential 'Plan B' for Americans - Overseas Jobs and the idea of working abroad...

Overseas Jobs for Americans

Saturday - I've been thinking long and hard; reading a lot and exploring options for work. How about you? Have you ever thought about going abroad for a job? Its entirely possible. Many people are doing it and achieving great success. There are very real opportunities when one broadens their horizon. Here are a few of the jobs that exist overseas for Americans in the IT field: computer graphics, programming and call center jobs. If you can step through the fear of leaving home and you're willing to work abroad, even if just for a while, then you'll soon discover you have an edge over others who are unable to find jobs in the US. Besides a solid income there are numerous other benefits to working abroad the least of which is making lifelong friends in other countries.

So let's look at a few of these job opportunities:

IT Jobs Overseas for US citizens

A segment that is showing robust potential is International IT (Information Technology) jobs for US citizens. The developing world is trying to catch up with everyone else. They have adequate manpower but lack the refined skills that an employee from the U.S. Offers. This translates into more employment opportunities for U.S. Citizens looking to expand their income and horizons.

  • Jobs in Computer Graphics

There are plenty of powerful computers around the world. But there are few experts in the use of the software. Plenty of oversea jobs for Americans exist, especially in computer graphics. If you know about marketing, advertising or graphics using computers, you could be in demand.

  • Jobs in Programming

Programming is another big opportunity. With big business going global and everyone getting connected, understanding and manipulating software technology is becoming ever increasingly in demand, especially with software as a service or web based systems, programmers are desperately in need, worldwide.

  • Call Center Expertise

Along with graphics and programming, call center services are growing fast in other parts of the world. Native English speaking Americans are especially in demand for call center positions. Especially with countries who have English speaking operators. If they even have a hint of an accent, customer service can be hurt. So native English speakers are in huge demand. Especially to train foreign nationals. The job scene in the US isn't the same as in other countries.

Nursing Jobs Overseas for Americans

If you are interested in a high paying job that allows you to see the world, you may want to consider a job in nursing overseas. There are currently a lot of job openings for nurses that work in certain specialties, so you could combine your love of travel with your method of funding the trip! Many countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, and even Saudi Arabia are looking for American nurses.
  • Nursing Education 
Your education provided you with all you need to know to apply to these positions abroad. You can also continue your education while working abroad by taking specialized classes to earn higher pay. Your education taught you how to care for people of all different diversities, so now is the perfect time to put your education to use.
  • Nursing Course 
Your university may offer special courses either before or after you leave to begin your work abroad. These courses help prepare nurses for working in countries or regions that they are not used to working in. Sometimes the care practices and standards differ from the practices used in the United States, so it is beneficial to know these differences before you make mistakes while working abroad.

While the pay can be excellent for overseas jobs, and even if the pay isn't as good as you would earn in the United States, often the benefits make up for it. In many other countries, nurses receive up to five weeks of vacation and more flexible work hours. Often times, these job opportunities come with free housing, health insurance, and your earnings might even be tax-free! These are definitely benefits that should not be overlooked because it can be difficult to find these types of benefits working as a nurse in the United States.

Overseas Teaching Jobs For Americans

Many recent graduates with a diploma and teaching credentials wonder about applying for overseas teaching jobs. What are the requirements? Does one need to speak the host country's language? How are the salaries? What sorts of expenses are involved? Are there benefits?
  • International Schools Abroad
There are International Schools that cater to Americans living abroad found in nearly any country that a teacher may wish to work in. The parents may be overseas for business or because of military commitments or simply ex-patriates who want their children educated by Americans. Ironically some of these openings include countries where English is the first language.
  • Programs for Teaching Abroad
There are many opportunities for those with a good command of the English language, both written and oral. Obviously these positions are not in English-First language countries. The good news for teachers is that you are not required to be able to speak the indigenous language of the country, indeed these programs have curriculum along the training of ESL in the US.
  • Business Education Teaching Positions
A simple search of this section title will provide a wealth of possibilities. While knowledge of languages may not be required, one can deduce that the capability would be beneficial. If language mastery is not one of the applicants strengths, they should pay attention to those schools geared towards those stationed abroad for business, government, or military reasons. English is the first language for those students.

Overseas Truck Driving Jobs

Overseas truck driving jobs are a hot topic today. With an unpredictable economy and job market on the decline, many are taking their driving skills and hitting the road in foreign lands. When opportunity knocks, it is time to answer the door. Those with their appropriate driving license for truck driving are putting it to good use thousands of miles away in a strange, new world.
  • Experienced Truck Driving Jobs
The biggest job opportunities are in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait. Wherever there is a need to rebuild, there is a need for a trucker to carry goods and help with rebuilding projects. Truckers with the utmost experience are best suited as they will have to deal with complex situations; driving should be like second nature to each trucker. There are many dangers to be faced in the vicinity of a war zone. The load and the road are all that matter.
  • Truck Driving Opportunities
Truck driving positons are on the rise, especially in war torn areas that are rebuilding. Canada, even though it borders the US rather than being across the sea, can use truckers for delivery, especially when it cones to fuel. Answers are available for those willing to search.

For anyone with some driving experience who is unable to find work in America or who simply wants a change, a job overseas is certainly an option. It will mean hard, backbreaking work to drive long hours and take care of supplies. The driving time is long and the family may not be seen often. However, money is good and it is understandable why anyone would choose to relocate overseas now in trucking. Many see it as an adventure to join in the midst of war torn countries. Anyone selecting an international position should do their homework and research the pro's and con's of overseas trucking today.

The Best Jobs For Americans Overseas

Currently the best jobs for Americans overseas are in: IT (Information Technology), nursing, teaching, driving, medical and corporate just to name a few. Teachers will always be needed to provide instruction where English is not spoken or misunderstood by the locals. Teachers can present the English language in a simple, easy to understand manner for children and adults who have not previously been taught or lack the knowledge of certain phrases or pronunciations.
  • Abroad Careers
A career traveling abroad can mean more money, learning about the local culture and the people who reside there. Many people take classes and obtain a degree so they can travel abroad to teach a community how to speak the English language correctly, how to eat more nutritiously, how to manage information, how to run a business and more. If you are working for a national company, you may be offered a transfer to travel abroad and work at an overseas location. There many countries that don't have proper medical facilities to provide health care for the residents. Being a nurse or doctor can mean the world to a developing community that may not have the resources available to bring healthcare to everyone.
  • US Military Jobs Overseas
If you wish to live and work overseas you can join the military and sign up for one of the many positions that are offered and be on your way to a new career. Another option is writing about the experiences you or others have had while serving overseas. The National Guard offers training and college courses for those who have recently graduated from high school or college. Overseas jobs are a way to serve our country and present our culture to those who are not familiar or haven't visited the United States. It means providing services that may otherwise not exist for those in need. Show your Red White And Blue support!

Overseas Jobs

Whether one is an experienced teacher looking for a change of scenery or a recent graduate seeking a position that provides some experiences and opportunities to grow their resume, a foreign position may be exactly what you are looking for. The opportunities are easy to find, many being government positions for children of the military or of diplomats and staff stationed abroad. Careers Abroad are plentiful.

If you start thinking about it this week, you might find yourself in a new and exciting career in the very near future.

Ready to learn more and make the jump to living overseas? Checkout this fast track way to make it happen - 52 Days To Your New Life Overseas

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Best Place To Live In The US

America is the land of opportunity and throngs of people come each year to visit. These people would appreciate a list of the best places to live in the US. Americans would agree the most desired place to live in America is based on the number of jobs available, low crime, great schools and in general a nice place to raise one’s family.

Some of the areas to live in America include Eden Prairie -MN, Columbia in Maryland, Newton-MA, Bellevue-WA, McKinney-TX, Fort Collins – CO, Overland Park-KS, Fishers-IN, Ames-IA, Rogers-AR. The number one place to live which is in Eden Prairie is family oriented and has a robust economy as well. It has a comfortable 5.1% unemployment rate which is lower than the nation’s rate. There are more than fifty thousand jobs available in this town. Big Fortune 500 companies have established their firms in this town and include the Minnesota Vikings, C.H Robinson and others. Eden Prairie residents should be pleased to know that Moody’s has given their city an AAA bond rating. The city has natural features like the seventeen lakes that residents and visitors swim in and ice skate in the winter. Residents here can keep fit with the 125 mile stretch park that may be used for aerobic exercises.

Omaha, Nebraska is not only the home of billionaire Warren Buffet; it is a warm climate region with a low cost of living. The city has numerous Fortune 500 companies thanks to the efforts of the pearl of Omaha. The city has improved its downtown areas and created space for entrepreneurs and online companies such as PayPal. Housing, movie tickets and concerts make Omaha the place to live in 2011.

The best places to live in America change each year and some of them are in the mid-western part of the country. Setting up of online companies in the Midwest is a big reason for cities in those states to be admired.

Editors Note: Be sure to check out our updated series (Nov 2011) on the Best States to Live in for an in depth look at America's Best from North to South and East to West.