Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cheap Hotels in Orlando

When I asked Anne Marie to tell e about her favorite Cheap Hotels in Orlando she opened my eyes to other accommodations which would save me money while maintaining my high standards for a quality place to stay. Here's what Anne Marie shared with me:

"Stop looking for cheaper hotel rooms in Orlando! If you're planning a trip to Disney or any of the other Central Florida theme parks you really want to be checking into renting an Orlando vacation home. To start, vacation home rentals are surprisingly cheap. They allow you as a visitor to save a lot of money over nightly rates you might pay at five star hotels in Orlando but they offer a standard of accommodation that is the same if not better.  You get so much more value for your money compared to any hotel stay.

And it's not just about rate as there are many additional ways you cut costs by staying in a Vacation Home Rental. You can truly enjoy at home comfort while on holiday and even with a low budget. For example - you save on extra baggage fees. Almost all vacation homes rentals in Florida have in suite laundry facilities. So, you can pack light - maybe even just bring a carry on as you know you will be able to wash your clothes throughout your stay. Dining and food costs are another huge savings. Normally you rack up huge charges for breakfast, lunch and dinner on your hotel bill from always eating in the convenient hotel restaurants. By shopping and cooking for yourself in your vacation home you can spend in a whole week on groceries what it might cost for just one meal dining out! Not only hat but you can control your diet better. Meaning less weight gain and a healthier you. Your costs can be reduced further by finding a vacation rental in the ideal location for the places you want to visit. It's easy to get a home close by to the attractions you are interested in which saves on transportation costs when visiting the theme parks.

For Orlando vacations the ideal location will be 5  to 15 minutes from Disney World or Universal studios. Floridas Orange County area vacation homes include Kissimmee and Lake Buena Vista. It's important to note that the highest demand for central Florida accommodations is in the summer so these prime properties are in high demand. Remember to shop around and book well in advance to find the cheapest and best places to stay.

Your typical rental property will have 3 bedrooms and be big enough to sleep six to eight people. But there are also plenty of vacation homes that can handle tour groups and large families. These homes are much bigger and can have up to 6 or 7 bedrooms. It's quite easy to do your research online to find the best place for you and your family or group. Of course the bigger the group often the better deal you can get because you're spreading the cost across more people. Often you can get luxurious vacation homes that rival even the finest five star hotels. Amenities can and typically do include: your own private pool and jacuzzi; large gourmet kitchens; laundry facilities; in house recreation rooms with big screen TV's, pool tables, etc.  It's important to confirm the home your renting has all the necessities you want for your vacation.  And remember you're getting all of this while saving a bundle of cash that you would typically spend just on meals out. - Vacations with more room.

Orlando has been receiving millions of vistors over many years. Sure there are plenty of cheap hotel rooms in town but why not live in the lap of luxury for the same price? The vacation home rental industry in Central Florida has developed into a professional well oiled machine that offers extensive listings suitable for any size family or group - from a romantic get away for a couple to a big family reunion. So, if you're planning a trip to have some fun in the sun in the Central Florida play ground choosing one of the cheapest places to stay can translate into one of the most luxurious holidays you've ever taken!

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