Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cheapest Place to Live in the United States

Sometimes cheap can also mean best! If you're wondering 'Where should I live?' ... in the U.S. here are some of the Cheapest Places to Live in the United States. and many of these spots would also be consider some of the nicest places to live:

Cheap Places to Live on the Pacific Coast

Spokane, WA
Modesto, CA

Cheap Places to Live in the Western Mountains

Ogden-Clearfield, UT
Fort Collins - Loveland, CO
Greeley, CO

Cheap Places to Live in the Central Northwest

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
Omaha Council Bluffs, NB/Iowa
St Louis, MO

Cheap Places to Live in the Central Southwest

Fort Worth Arlington, TX
Oklahoma City, OK
Tulsa, OK

Cheap Places to Live in the Central Northeast

Ann Arbor, MI
Warren Troy / Farmington Hills, MI
Clevland, OH

Cheap Places to Live in the Central Southeast

Knoxville, TN
Chattanooga, TN
Louisville, KY

Cheap Places to Live in the Middle Atlantic

Albany Schenectady Troy, NY
Pittsburgh, PA
Harrisburg Carlisle, PA

Cheap Places to Live in the South Atlantic

Durham Chapel Hill, NC
Charlotte, NC
Atlanta, GA

Cheap Places to Live in New England

Manchester, NH
Worcester, MA
Springfield, MA

The Cheapest State to Live in the U.S. is Arkansas.

Youngstown, Ohio has the most affordable housing in the U.S. according to the International Housing Affordability Survey but under the current economic crisis few would disagree that

Detroit is the Cheapest Place in the U.S.


Cheap Twill Weaver said...

I wish there was a form somewhere where I could put in the things I would want in a place to live, hit a button and it would tell me.....

duckletshut said...

thx for this article - Im planning on visiting Ann Arbor, MI soon - I live in Ontario, Canada - its neat to see that they are one of the cheapest places to live in the U.S.

joseph martin said...

How about a homeless shelter where your treated like a human being. i"ve been homeless for 21/2 yrs. tring to find a job. I've been alover the south. MS,FL,LA,TN,AL,GA.places i found a place to live no work, or no place to live but a job. Forrest,MS was a perfect place I found a job two hrs after I got there, but no where to live. I'm tired of being in a shelter. all i want is job an aplace to live.