Thursday, September 17, 2009

How about the Cheapest Places to Stay!

Just came across this interesting review at TripAdvisor. Of course Luna's in Panama City, Panama caught my eye. Now this may not be about the Cheapest Places to Live but it does give you some of the Cheapest Places to Stay. It seems to reason that the Cheapest Places to Stay might also have the Cheapest Places to Live, you think?

Cheapest Places to Stay - 10 Hotels less than $19/nt (Seriously!)

Hotel Lion d'Or Buenos Aires, Argentina $14/nt
Mandalay Inn Siem Reap, Cambodia $13/nt
Tod Motor Hotel Las Vegas, Nevada $17/nt
Shiva Guest House Kathmandu, Nepal $9/nt
El Panchan Palenque, Mexico $6/nt
Ani Motel Kas, Turkey $14/nt
Luna's Castle Hostel Panama City, Panama $12/nt
Venus Hotel Luxor, Egypt $9/nt
Dai Hoang Kim Hotel Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam $12/nt
Bling Bling Hostel Krakow, Poland $16/nt

*average price/night

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