Monday, January 24, 2011

Healthiest and Wealthiest Countries

I just came across this fantastic little video on YouTube. On the BBC show, The Joy of Stats, Hans Rosling gives us, '200 Countries over 200 Years in 4 Minutes. This video clip shows in just 4 minutes how our world has gone from sick and poor to healthy and wealthy over the past 200 hundred years.

This is just a great example of how and why the world is advancing and opening up to everyone. It's fantastic to see how a multi-media presentation can take information, which could be boring and take a long time to present, sped up and brought to life.

This is demonstrates statistically why we are even having a dialogue and discussion around where in the world to live. It explains and illustrates why we have more options each year - more countries available as Best Places to Retire and Best Places for Quality of Life.

Great stuff!

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