Saturday, January 9, 2010

Best Place to Live in Canada

With International Living's Quality of Life Index out this past week and Canada coming in on the Top 10 Best Places to Live list it got me thinking about where the Best Place in Canada to live might be.

Well, I'm going to throw this out there - I'm currently living in Canada and I think my current home town, Victoria British Columbia is probably the best place to live. Now I'm basing that on a few factors, 1st the climate is amazing. It's January and the temperature is already 10 degree celcius today. We rarely get snow and my little neighbour actually has Palm Trees - not just a couple of ornamental ones but over 3,000 big beautiful Palm trees! The lawns have lovely gree grass all year round and we even have beautiful flowers in bloom year round. What else makes Victoria the best place to live in Canada? The stunning beauty of the mountains framed against the ocean. Great restaurants - the most per capita in all of North America I've heard; the symphony; great theatre; shopping and of coourse the wonderful, friednly people.

Now like any city there are some negatives. Victoria is on Vancouver Island and as an island community we do tend to pay more for many things. Gas, food and homes are all pretty expensive. And the employment sitation is not so great. I would have to admit that financially secure retires are probably best suited to calling Victoria their best place to live in Canada.

Just thought I would throw these thoughts out there on a sunny Saturday morning!

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