Thursday, January 7, 2010

Top Ten Places to Live

Shelter Offshore just released its review of International Livings '2010 Quality of Life Index' with the Top Ten Places to Live Abroad. This is the first part of a two part article which explores the bottom five of the top 10 in the index and what its like to be an expat living abroad in Italy, Belgium, Luxemburg, Canada and America (meaning the U.S. as Shelter Offshore is a British offering). By the way while I'm talking about the UK it's interesting to note that the UK has fallen to position 25 in the International Living Index of the most desireable (livable) place in the world.

Italy continues to hold the #10 spot from last year as International Living points out, "Italians know how to live well!"

Is Canada the best place in the world to live? Nope the index puts Canada in ninth spot basically due to the snowy, cold winters in most of the country.

Belgium picks up 8th place followed by the United States at positon #7. Of course Detroit wasn't mentioned even though it may well be the Cheapest Place to Invest in Real Estate right now!

Luxemburg tops the bottom half of the top ten list at #6 as a "fascinating, historic, beautiful and very stable country."

It will be interesting to see who tops the list and if there is any mention of the Cheapest Places to Live or the Best Place to Retire as there has been in previous indices. Be sure to follow along if your searching for a good place to live!

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