Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Best Place to Live in the World!

If you have been asking yourself the question, "Where should I live?' the 2010 Quality of Life Index of the Best Places to Live in the World may be a good place to start.

For the past few weeks I've been blogging about the Top 10 Best Places to Live list which is published each year by International Living. (Oh, and hope I didn't offend anyone with that Blond Joke yesterday. It gave me such a laugh so I just had to share it!) Now the Best Place to Live is not necessarily the Cheapest Place to Live however, one of the factors that makes up the Quality of Life index is certainly cost of living.

Forgive me I digress and ramble!

Back to the Best Place to Live and the winner is....France.

France is the Best Place to Live!

Once again France takes top spot as IL's pick for the best place to live. In fact France has held the top spot on the Quality of Life Index for the past five years.

Sure France has a high tax rate and a huge government bureaucracy which can have you running around in frustration for what seems like eternity BUT there are so many other positives that out weigh and create an 'Unsurpassed Quality of Life'.

Let's start with what many consider to be the world's Best Health Care system and finish with a longer lingering dinner with the finest wines in the world. Croissants, Cabernet and Notre Dame are just a few of my favourite things! Don't forget fine French cuisine, poetry and the infamous romance of Paris or the French countryside. The lavender of Provence is so beautiful and fragrant that the enter town smells like a lovely sachet. It is nothing like the best cities to live in in Florida and they are not like France but to each their own right?

So many things to mention you really need to read a book or better still tour France and take it all in.

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