Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cleanest Places in the World

I've been blogging about International Living's Quality of Life Index which highlights the Best Places to Live in the world. This years guide is a terrific read with lots of little interesting tid-bits of informaiton. This week I'm going to share in more detail some specifics about each country which made the Top 10 list of the Best Places to Live. Today I thought I would just share a little of my leisurly Sunday morning read. This headline caught my eye -

The World's Cleanest Countries

Hum, now reading all about the best countries for living it certainly fits to get one thinking about cleanliness. Afterall, I think most of us would agree cleanliness is a pretty important factor when it comes to Quality of Life - at least I would hope so!

Much to my surprise some of the cleanest countries in the world are in Latin America. Yup, Costa Rica ranked 5th cleanest and Columbia go the #7 spot. So, where does the good ole' U.S.A. end up - sorry to say the U.S. is 39th on the list. Pretty sad comment really and I'm sure by now you are thinking, enough already who got spot #1? And the award for the cleanest country in the world goes to...

It's probably no big surprsie that Switzerland is the cleanest country in the world.

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