Monday, March 15, 2010

Move to Canada

It's spring time in much of Canada and in our quest for the best and cheapest places to live it's time to revisit Canadian soil!

Canada Flowers

Many Americans think of Canada as the land of ice and snow - the 'Great White North' as Bob and Doug McKenzie popularized on SCTV's Second City McKenzie Brothers skit. But few know that there are places in Canada that rarely have snow and some even have Palm Trees! In fact Victoria in the Canadian Province of British Columbia typically sees spring arrive in February. Each spring the city and surrounding neighbourhoods do a 'flower census'. This year a record 21 billion blooms where counted in this provincial capital. Just to put that in perspective, Victoria could present every Canadian man, woman and child with a bouquet of more than 650 flowers! That's a lot of flowers and blooming in February - in Canada none the less!

Bruce Carter, CEO of Victoria's Chamber of Commerce quipped, "We're going to brag  to the rest of the country that Victoria is the Best Place to live!" An east coast Canadian politician (BTW the East Coast of Canada has had to endure one it's coldest, stormiest and snowiest winters in record) retorted, "Victoria doesn't have winter. They have spring, summer, summer and spring!"

And back to those Canada Flowers - well Victoria flowers really ! There is one community in Victoria which constantly likes to brag about it's top rank as the countries 'most blooming-est' community - the Victoria suburb of Oak Bay boasts 14 billion flower blossoms this spring, oh and it also holds title for the greatest number of Palm Trees in all of Canada!

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