Monday, January 25, 2010

Top 3 Best Places to Live in the World

I took a break for a little while and I believe we left off discussing Germany as the 4th Best Place to Live in the World followed closely by New Zealand, Luxembourg and the United States in the International Living Quality of Living Index for 2010.

Now on to the Top 3 Best Places to Live!

In position three is Switzerland. The Swiss are known for many things including perfect clocks and watches and one of my favorite Swiss things - Swiss Cheese!

Switzerland is an award winnning, super efficient, high tech country that still manages to take time out to play. Think hiking, mountain climbing, Alpine skiing and if nothing else just laying back in awe of the beautiful scenery including what many consider to be some of the most beautiful people in the world.

Switzerland much like Canada, except maybe even more so, is known as a muli-cultural, international  - global village. Rather than having just one spoken language in Switzerland you will find five different ones including English, German, French and Italian. The Swiss chose to be multi-lingual so foreigners can feel at home. That also makes it atractive for foreigners to call Switzerland home!

Also known as a peace loving neutral country that is home to Geneva, the United Nations and the Red Cross why wouldn't one be drawn to live in Switzerland!

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