Friday, January 8, 2010

France earns Top Spot as Best Place to Live

Yesterday I blogged about the Top Ten Places to Live in the world and in particular the #6 through #10 places. Today we get the second have of the Top Ten and the winner is...

International Living's Quality of Life Index puts France in the #1 spot now for the 5th year!

This is the 30th year IL Magazine has published its popular index. This year they say once again that the French know how to live life to the fullest while countries like England and America simply don't get it - they're overworked, over weight and out of touch with what 'Quality of Life' really means.

Australia was ranked 2nd place while Britain comes in as a big loser infact Britain was ranked below the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Uruguay!

So what are the key things that make France the Best Place to Live? Well IL says the French have everything from the beautiful French Riviera to fabulous skiing and to top it all off they have the best health care system in the world. Add in long luxurious lunches, top notch restaurants and some, if not THE, best wines in the world.

All while England suffers from poor climate, high crime rates, an obnoxiously high cost of living, traffic congestion and overcrowding.

Here are the top of the top best places to live in the world:
#5 New Zealand
#4 Germany
#3 Switzerland
#2 Australia
and #1 France.

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