Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not the Cheapest Places to Live

Best is not Cheapest

Just a quick comment and reply to some of the comments I have been receiving regarding my count down list of the Top 10 Best Places to Live in the World. I realize these are not the Cheapest Places to Live, in fact some of them could be considered down right expensive! That said and as I've said many times before, what makes for a Cheap Place to Live is not always in the initial face value of what one first sees. For example, housing may be expensive but taxes and other costs of living may be really low making for a cheap place to live.

What Makes for a Cheap Place to Live?

Don't forget to add up all of your costs of living before you decide what is the Cheapest Place for you. For example, you may be able to buy a house in Sioux Falls South Dakota for $10,000 but how much will you earn there? What if you can't get a job there? Now maybe finding a Cheap Place to Live for you is not work related. Maybe you're retired. Well again what are the other costs of living. The house may be cheap but it gets cold in Souix Falls so you will need to heat it. And what about keeping you warm? Cold weather can add significantly to other costs of living. Think hot drinks, hot food and of course plenty of clothes to keep you warm.

Where Should I Live?

A great question and one we will continue to examine in depth in our search for the ideal Cheap Place to Live! If one had teaching credentials you could examine teaching jobs overseas for Americans and that would open up a whole list of places where one could possibly live but without in-depth review of each, mistakes would be likely so we will persist in our quest.

Best Place to Live

Now, back to our count down because isn't quality of life what we are really all after? In the same view that Money doesn't bring happiness saving money and Living Cheap doesn't bring it either!

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