Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Best Places to Live in the World - #8 Belgium

Yesterday I talked about my home land, Canada the 9th Best Place to Live in the World as ranked on the International Living Quality of Life Index for 2010.

Today we move to Belgium as the 8th Best Place to Live in the World.

Brussels, Belgium is home to NATO and the European Union (the EU). It has been a merchant city since medival times and is made up of Flemish speaking people in Flanders and French speaking people in Wallonia. Brussels is the capital of Belgium and is probably the best known city.  The homes in Belgium are easily recognized for their gable roof tops.

With the EU and NATO headquartered here Brussels is quite the multi-cultural mecca with thousands of foreign workers. It's also know as the 'Greenest Capital' with beautiful parks full of flower gardens.

The huge expat population has created a diverse multi-cultural landscape robust with english movies, theatre and sports events. The public transportation system is excellent and a great way to get around to famous brew pubs as well as the numerous ethnic restaurants and eateries. London, Paris and Amsterdam are a short ride away on state of the art trains.

Once we try and answer that age old question, 'Where should I live?' we will drill down further into each country to examine the best places. Watch for our future discussion on the 'Top Places to Live in Belgium'. 

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