Thursday, April 1, 2010

International Living

A few weeks ago I mentioned International Living Magazine. It's a great resource and one I refer to often both online and off-line. The thing I like most about I.L. is that the articles are written by people who have 'been there and done that'. They really are Living Internationally not sitting in a New York office collecting data. Here are the most recent topics and headlines to give you a flavour for what they are finding on the International Living scene:

April 2010 - Cerro Azul: Where You Can Still Buy Land in Panama from $16,500

March 2010 - Portugal's Alentejo: Europe as It's Meant to Be

February 2010 - The World's Easiest Places to Retire - Note: Watch for an upcoming blog post with lots more detail ion this topic!

January 2010 - Quality of Life 2010: The World's Best Places to Live - If you've been following this blog you know we've spent the last three month's reviewing this issue. Great stuff!

December 2009 - The 4 Best Real Estate Plays for 2010

That gives you a bit of the flavour and variety of topics you will find in International Living Magazine. Each month I really look forward to getting my hard copy in the mail. It's a full colour magazine and although it does a few full page advertisements they're really not over bearing and are targeted at whatever the current article is about so that can even be helpful.

So, if you're curious about International Living and want to learn from the best source check out my World's Best Places to Live post for more details.

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