Thursday, January 14, 2010

Best Places to Live in the World - #7 United States

Just above Belgium on the 2010 Quality of Life Index for the Best Places to Live in the World is...

The United States! As the International Living Magazine photo caption says, Its hard not to beat the day to day ease one enjoys while living in the U.S.

Talk about diversity - from the oustere beauty of mountainous, and often snow covered, Alaska to the dazzling high rise condominiums lining Floridas Palm treed beaches to 'Big Sky' Montana and Big City Lights New York - the U.S. has it all!

The United States has also become known as the place where you can have it all and get it all - the land of convenience. Sometimes admitedly too convenient! Just look at some of those bellies and butts at Walmart!

The U.S. is safe, comfortable and the cost of living is as diverse as the landscape. You will find the Cheapest Places to Live and also some of the world's most Expensive Places to Live on the planet. You will see obscene displays of wealth and extreme examples of poverty.

Speed, convenience and efficiency are the hallmarks of the American lifestyle chased by thousands of immigrants each year but it seems just as many native Americans are coming to realize the frenetic pace of living has its price and many are opting for a tranquilo lifestyle abroad.

Watch for a more detailed discussion on places to live in U.S.A. as we look further and in particular at the cheapest places in the U.S.

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