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National Parks In Panama Have Many Different Species Of Birds

Guest post By Tyler Ramos

Rainforests constitute much of the landscape of Panama, which is reported to attract many of the tourists that visit throughout the year. It has a vast selection of flora and fauna. As a result there are at least sixteen national parks in Panama.

The Amistad National Park is located in both Panama and Costa Rica, making it the first park to exist within two countries. It has many services available to tourists, for example, hotels and transportation. It also permits travelers to go fishing in the Teribe River.

The Bastimentos Marine Park consists of several islands and has wildlife and sandy beaches. The protective reach of the Bastimentos is not reserved for just the animals and beaches but also for the coral reef off its shores.

Home to the Baru Volcano, the Baru covers a wide portion of rainforest. The top of the volcano, with its scenic views, is accessible by car, and tourists are likely to see wildlife during the trip up.

The Barro Colorado is a little park when compared to some of the others but it is not small in terms of activities. The Giant Tree is a point of interest that is part of a tour offered to travelers.

Reptiles, Birds, Monkeys, and pigs can all be potential spotted in Campana. The locals give special reverence to a reptilian species called the Golden Frog and consider it a great fortune if a tourist can spot one, especially because it is endangered.

The Canas Wildlife Refuge has many differing turtle species. These turtles are known to entertain tourists when they come out at night. The refuge is also known for its hiking and water sports.

Chagres is home to rivers that supply the Panama Canal with most of its waters. People are often spotted rafting on the rivers, and there are lakes for fishing, water skiing, jet skiing and sailing. Camping and bird watching are also encouraged in Chagres.

Coiba is further from bigger towns than other parks, and as a result has fewer accommodations. Despite this it still witnesses a fair share of yearly travelers who seek out its beaches, where reportedly turtles make their nests. In addition, in its ocean waters swim Marlins.

Darien has provided tourists with a unique experience. It has jungles known for excellent hiking and is also where several indigenous tribes live. Many visitors to the Darien jungles have witnessed indigenous people and their activities and some of these visitors report having experience indigenous dancing.

Iguana is known for the vast size of its iguana population. However, that is not all. There are other animals that live in Iguana, such as turtles. It is also famous as one of the places migrating whales stop at.

There are many more national parks. Diversity is one way to describe the immensity of rainforest and animal life that is found there. One park not yet mentioned is called the Metropolitan and is located just minutes outside Panama City.

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