Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Best Places to Vacation: Package Tours To Europe Or The Caribbean

Guest post By Adriana Noton

Special vacations package tours are the ideal way to laze away the days on a Caribbean Island. Or, you might prefer to explore the fascinating continent of Europe. Let's first discuss the paradisiacal islands that make up the West Indies (Caribbean). The three main groups are the Lesser Antilles, the Greater Antilles, and the Bahamas.

This glorious part of the world is ranked as a top tourist destination. It has perfect weather throughout the year, beautiful beaches with crystal waters and soft sands, lots of activities, a vibrant nightlife, and historic attractions. A tailor-made package can be designed for you by a travel agent. It will include your transport, accommodation bookings, tours, and anything else that you want.

Traveling on a cruise-liner is the ideal way to see the Caribbean, and special offers are always available. If you want to get the best prices, make the booking a few months in advance. Peak holiday season is from December to April, but if you are happy to wait until this rush is over, you can obtain great discounts in the off-peak months of August to November.

Cabin accommodation on cruise-liners varies. For instance, the cost for a cabin with a porthole that looks onto the sea is much more expensive than an interior one. It's the same with deck levels. Upper decks are a lot more expensive than lower decks. You can save a lot of expense if you compromise on the location of the cabin.

The package will include accommodation, meals and free use of most onboard facilities. These include the swimming pools, lounges, library, spa, hot tubs etc. Services like body massages, the beauty parlor, hairstylist, alcoholic beverages and other bar refreshments and tips are not included.

Tailor-made packages can also be arranged for those who would rather travel to Europe. It is surprising just how much you can see and do on this continent in a week or two. The ideal package for this is a multi-region tour. If you would rather spend your time getting to know one particular country, then a single-region package is the answer.

Europe is made up of numerous countries, each with its own language and distinctive culture. This is why it is such a fascinating place to visit. Even the landscape is different from country to country. Take the UK as an example - the bright lights and the pulsating lifestyle of London is worlds apart from the remoteness and tranquility of the northern areas of Scotland.

Special vacations package tours (not only for Europe - even for a vacation in Cuba!) are definitely the best way to travel the world. A typical example would be an 11 day trip to Paris, Rome, and London. Not only will your accommodation and travel be arranged, but guided tours of many of the world's most famous sights will be included. Some of these are the Vatican Museum, the Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel, St Peter's Basilica, the Arc de Triomphe, Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Champs-Elysees, Westminster Abbey, St Paul's Cathedral, and Buckingham Palace.

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