Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kiplinger Ranks Fort Smith Cheapest City To Live In

Fort Smith Arkansas least expensive place to live in the U.S.A.

Kiplinger . com has ranked Fort Smith #1 or the Cheapest Place to Live in the United States. Kiplinger using complex and accurate formulas based on average costs of living to determine which places are less expensive to live and which are the most. According to Kiplinger New York City is the most expensive place to live in America today. Through their index a person moving from Fort Smith to New York would need to earn 1.5 times to maintain the same standard of living. Conversely, someone moving from New York to Fort Smith could take a 60% pay cut to have the same standard of living.

This just shows that in large developed countries like the U.S. and Canada the cost of living varies greatly across the land. And you don't necessarily need to move to another country to find a cheap place to live. Kiplinger's study put 7 of the 10 cheapest American cities in the southern U.S. Arkansas garnered two spots in the top, or bottom 10, depending on which way you lok at it. Fort Smith in first and Conway, Ark in 6th place.

Kiplinger uses data collected over a specific period of time to establish their index. They price the same items in each area to be used in their study. Common groceries like: steak, a half gallon of milk and canola oil, for example. They also include other expenses related to daily living like: a visit to the doctor, an eye exam, a veterinary visit, a take out pizza, apartment rent and the avg cost for a new home.

Grant Pruitt shares his experience and love of Fort Smith in this YouTube video

(Source: Times Record, Fort Smith, Ark.) Story by Wanda Freeman, Times Record, Fort Smith, Ark. You can read the whole article here: Fort Smith Cheapest City To Live In

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