Friday, August 13, 2010

Best Places to Stay: Dallas Residence Rentals

By Nora Greathouse

Dallas is one of the busiest metropolitan areas in Texas, and there are plenty of apartments available for rent. Whatever the objective of your visit, whether it is a quick business trip, a relocation or a leisure experience, you will a more authentic experience of the city by staying in an apartment.

The Dallas-Fort Worth area is also known as the Metroplex, thanks to its leading development in the technological industry. It has also been dubbed as the Silicon Prairie, so named for the high concentration of computer and information technology industries and corporations. For professionals who specialize in these industries, you will find many work-related opportunities in this metropolitan area.

Within the metropolitan area of central Texas, you will find unlimited choices of Dallas apartments for rent. Whether you are here for a short business trip, a week-long leisure trip or a long-term relocation, staying in an apartment gives you a better prospective of the local lifestyle.

The area holds its name in the list of best places in the US to live. The area boasts of everything that a person might look for before moving to Dallas. Quality of life is good, employment opportunities are plenty and the area also offers great sightseeing, fine dining and shopping.

Encouragingly, homes for rent in Dallas do not cost as much as those in some of the other major American cities. If you rent a one-bedroom apartment, the average monthly rent in Dallas is about $650, and that in Fort Worth is in the range of $600. The rentals in the Metroplex region are a bit more expensive at $750. Of course, these are just averages and the exact amount you pay will depend on the furnishing, size of the apartment and neighborhood. If you are looking to rent a two-bedroom apartment, your budget should be in the region of $900.

Some of the most popular and sought after localities in the area are Pleasant Grove, Greenville, East Dallas, Park Cities Area, Frankford, Deep Ellum, and Lakewood. Plenty of information is available on the internet and you can know more about the area and even find yourself a good apartment on any of these reputed sites:,, and

You can search apartments according to your needs and style on these websites easily. These websites generally sort the apartments into different categories for easy search and browsing. Other information like pets allowed, type of facilities, smoking permitted are also available. You can even make your search based on space requirements and number of rooms required.

On these websites, you will also find pictures of specific property listings, and sometimes even video tours to give you a feel of the apartment, just in case you can't visit the place. Other details of the listed Dallas apartments for rent are also available, such as the floor plan. Additionally, the sites also provide you with information about truck rentals and packers and movers.

Before moving to Dallas, you must check out the lease agreement and offer documents carefully, conditions etc. Ensure that your deal is a good one before you go for any Dallas Apartments for Rent.

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