Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quick Cash Concept Review

By Edgar Suppes

One with the biggest things which you need to remain away from, at all costs, are HYIPs or High Yield Investment Programs. In a nutshell, these programs promise you a percentage return on your investment depending on how much you invest. The returns could be anywhere from 14% to 20% for a period of 30 to 90 days. You will find numerous variations on this scheme. The problem with it's easy. The cash is paid out from the funds with the other investors. In other words, it's a pyramid scheme. The larger dilemma is the fact that eventually the pyramid collapses and those who get in late lose their shirts.

But the biggest dilemma with HYIPs is the fact that they are illegal and NOW the government is cracking down, not only on the person who started the HYIP but also on the men and women who profited the most from it. So in the event you think you're safe simply because you got out with your cash intact, consider again. You could be in for a rude awakening when the feds come to collect the bill.

An additional bad income generating program is the paid for survey. No, these aren't illegal like the HYIPs but they spend peanuts. Every single survey program is different. Some spend in rewards and others spend in points that may be traded in for cash. The problem is, the exchange rate is so low that you just ultimately end up taking dozens of surveys for what amounts to pennies. An even bigger dilemma is the fact that quite a few persons don't even qualify for these surveys and aren't informed of that until AFTER they have put in all of the info to take them. This results in TONS of wasted time.

Then you've paid to study emails or GPT applications. I'm lumping these together mainly because they are both at the bottom on the barrel as far as I'm concerned. With paid for to go through emails, you get paid out maybe a tenth of a penny for every single email you go through. So you've to read 100 of them just to make 10 cents or 1,000 to make a dollar. Given all of the time it takes, you can find much better methods to make a buck and to save your hard earned taxable income.

GPT, or Get Paid for To applications, offer incentives for trying out items and services. The trouble with these are numerous. Limited opportunities, low pay (occasionally within the form of just the product itself) and hidden forced continuity not merely make these not profitable but downright dangerous and costly if you're not careful.

And these few "gems" only scratch the surface of what's out there as far as poor dollars generating offers. When you want to obtain into something that truly gives you a chance of creating a decent buck on the internet, check the website below - just one of the Places for making money online.

And remain away from the rubbish that I've mentioned above.

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