Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Northern California: Best Place for RV Camping

Guest post by Kathy Jhones

RV is the term used for the motorized wheeled vehicles that are used for camping and other recreational activities. With your own RV, it will be possible for you and your family to go on a vacation away from their chaotic and taxing daily lives. It is important that you find the proper RV destination, though this may turn out to be really difficult as there are so many destinations to choose from. Of all the RV destinations all over the world, you will find that the best are situated in California. This is due to its size as well as the exceptional facilities provided by the camps and the recreational areas and specially designed for the RV goers.

Sothern California is marked as the most popular RV destination. This area is toured by many families every time of the year. If you are an adventurer by heart, then you should definitely chek out the RV spots in Northern California. Norther California has a suprise for you in its store. It is the kingdom of many volcanoes. You will be able to know more about the volcanoes, especially how powerful they are. If you want to get rid of volcanoes, there are other outdoor activies awaiting you. This include fishing, hiking, hunting, boating, bicycling, snowmobiling and many more.

There is a river bank which is specifically designed for recreational activities. This is in and around Lake Davis. Many tourists visit this place to enjoy their time. Summer is the best season to visit this place. It has many activities like camping, picnicking, boating, hunting, fishing etc. There are many camping grounds made specifically for the tourist and can house up to 40 at a time. You should never miss Plumas National Forest which is a great place for hiking. This forest is the place for many canyons, peaks, lakes etc.

California is covered with forest covering nealy 50 % of its land.The major attraction of the tourist to this place is beacuse of its cone pine trees. This geograpghy looks very attractive no matter which ever age group you belong to. Also California is having many urban cities where many RVs love to spend without any hesitation. The most popular cities include San Diego, Newport Beach, Chowchilla.Each of its cities are famous for one another like San Diego for its spa resorts, Newport Beach for there presence of its own vast beach etc. Another attractive city which every one love to visit is Los Angeles.

California is divided into 16 regions, which are suitable for RV camping. Some of them have RV camping being carried out in the entire year. Famous Parks include the Arena RV Park situated in Chowchilla, Vineyard RV Park situated at Vacaville and the Yosemite pine RV resorts in Groveland. You can rent your RVs from various agencies like Cruise America or Motor home rentals

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