Saturday, August 14, 2010

Best Advice For Student Travelers Touring The World

By Adriana Noton

After a tough year studying and taking tests and final exams, many students enjoy their vacation by traveling. The travel industry is filled with great deals for student travelers, especially online travel discount sites. If you are a student looking to travel, below is a list of helpful advice for student travelers when touring the world.

Wear the Canadian Flag: When you sew the Canadian Flag on your backpack, you will enjoy goodwill from citizens in other countries. Because Canadians are known throughout the world as being well mannered and courteous travelers, wearing the red maple leaf will result in a friendly welcome.

Travel Destination: It is important to decide where you want to go early so you can make the appropriate arrangements and take advantage of great travel deals. If you travel to either Asia or Europe during the off season you will save a lot of money. In Europe, popular destinations include such cities as Paris, London, and Barcelona. As well, in Europe, there are many beaches, ski resorts, festivals, beautiful villages, cultural attractions and events, and much more.

Budget: It is important to make sure you can afford your trip. You should calculate how much you will spend daily on such items as getting around the destination, food, beverages, entertainment, souvenirs, and incidentals.

Student Identity Card (ISIC): It is essential that you acquire an International Student Identity Card (ISIC). This card is proof that you are a student and will enable you to get discounts on such things as: tours, restaurants, retailers, bicycle rentals, parks, museums and other cultural attractions, rental car....etc.

Flights: Research online travel discount sites to get the best possible deal. It is always a good idea to comparison shop at student-focused travel web sites.

Accommodations: It is recommended that you research and reserve your accommodations well in advance of the trip. You can often get student discount deals on accommodations. As well, it is important to check to see what is included in the price such as free WiFi and breakfast.

Necessary Items: It is important to remember such items as: travel insurance card, credit card, debit card, passport, cash, medication, International Driving Permit, first aid kit, and a list of important phone numbers such as your country's embassy. Make sure to check to see if you need any vaccinations for the particular destination area. When choosing travel insurance, make sure you understand your coverage, including the exclusions. This is particularly important for medical coverage.

Destination Education: It is important to understand the destinations laws, customs, and language, to make sure there are no misunderstandings. You should also know a few words in the local language such as hello, goodbye, and thank you.

During your Trip: It is important to maintain contact with family and friends from back home. You can use such technology as Twitter, Blog, Facebook, and Skype. As well, make sure you practice good judgment and safety practices such as avoiding dangerous areas. It is important to research the destination area for any dangerous issues.

Traveling abroad as a student is a great way to explore new places and cultures. When you do your research, you can find really great deals ensuring that you will not burn through your bank account. When you travel as a student, you will enjoy your freedom and make lasting memories.

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