Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The World’s Cheapest Cities

Mercer undertook a survey recently on 'cost of living' whereby it researched and then ranked 208 cities around the world. Their research looked at items like food, clothing, housing and entertainment to compare and come up with it's list of the World's Cheapest Cities. Mercer is recognized as the leading authority and their study is recognized as the most comprehensive in the world. In fact many governments and large corporations use their reports to create pay plans and determine appropriate remuneration for employees who are sent abroad.

Addis Ababa, which sits at the base of Mount Entoto and is the capital city for Ethiopia, was found to be
One of the World’s Cheapest Cities. Addis is known as the political capital of Africa. There you will find World Heritage Sites; the Ethiopian National Library; Ethnological Museum; St Georges Cathedral to name a few. And all of this history and culture resides among a busy metropolitan city.

The report also notes Luanda which is the capital of Angola as the most expensive city for ex-pats followed by Tokyo, Ndjamena, Moscow and Geneva, Switzerland. Which you may recall from our discussion a few months back about International Livings Index and uncovering the Cheapest Places to Live.

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