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Cheapest Ways to Live: Apartments Rent To Own

Guest post By Edward King

Rent to own has become popular in the ever-increasing hunt for a home especially that buying a house seems to be too expensive for most families. Sometimes renting to own can be the Cheapest way to live. However, apartments rent to own also have their upsides and downsides.

Good points when you have apartments rent to own

1. You do not need to have any credit or good credit to do it. Unlike bigger condominiums and apartment franchises, rent to own sellers usually do not check your credit rating. This means no matter how bad your credit is you can always find a rent to own home for you. For some, this is a way to build their credit during the renting period to be able to buy the house at the end of the apartments for rent to own contract.

2. There are rent to own that are well-furnished apartments. This could be a plus why it is good to have rent to own because there could be times that apartments rent to own have already all the things needed in a house; to mention a few, television set, sofas, bed and other electronic appliances. These are just good benefits if you avail this type because you do not need to but other things when you transfer. These things could even give more comforts for your living and make you feel convenient in every move you make in the house.

3. Apartments rent to own are just so easy in all aspects along with their good benefits. Just like any other rent to own style, it is such a good point that once you avail rent to own, you do not have to pay for any repairs if there were some defects you discover and other utilities that need to be fixed. These things are not your responsibilities if you were still in the stage of renting. In addition to that, if in case you could discover something wrong with the place and you do not want to stay longer, then you could have the time to leave the place and look for a better one. This is very helpful because there could be times that things might go wrong and the area where you are staying turned to dangerous area, so you could easily leave the place. Sometimes, if you have already paid some furniture, then you could take them with you when you leave. Just try to think over these benefits, why you would not try apartments rent to own.

Above mentioned are the good things in apartments rent to own. However, there are also bad sides that you need to think over before you decide.

Downsides: Arguments Against apartments rent to own

1. There are various dues for you to consider. If you would choose to have apartments rent to own, as soon as you start with the deal, you have got lots of payments to be done. Some of these are; the upfront fee which costs you ten to fifteen percent of the over-all price of the entire unit. In addition to that, the monthly payment for your rent is much higher than other common apartments.

2. You might be speechless about the price when you get started with the deal however, when you get on with the deal, you could even have more. You would take all the responsibilities and the payment of the unit. As the future homeowner and the buyer, you do not really have the power to demand the price of the rental. There could be no choice but to just follow what is being asked for. In addition, you have to take all the responsibilities once you would be the official owner of the rent to own apartments.

3. You might feel so drained when you would leave the apartment. A legitimate reason why people stay away from apartments rent to own is the fact that you could never get back the initial payment you made and other extra payments you have done once you plan not to but the unit of just leave the apartment before your contact ends. By renting, you have got lots of payments to undertake and these could surely drown you out of the budget. That is why you need to consider all these points first before you would allow yourself to be involved with this kind of deal so that you would know if it is beyond you or not.

You have just been presented about the good and the bad sides of apartments rent to own. These could not answer the needs and wants of all but we could not also deny the fact that this could help someone in some other situations. This is why it is necessary to know the good and the bad sides of things in order for you to determine if they go beyond your means or not.

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