Friday, August 6, 2010

Cheapest Places To Buy A Car

When thinking about the Cheapest way to live I have thought many times and asked myself,
'Is it really worth buying locally or am I best to travel a little to get the best deal?'

It goes for so many things. Many people jump across the Canada/US border to shop for clothes and other household items. People who live in border towns often go across to cheap gas and groceries. I know people who have traveled far to get the best deal on boats and cars. So, when I read this article about the 10 Cheapest Places to buy a car I sat up and took notice.

So, where can you go if you are willing to take some time to drive back and process any necessary paperwork? Think Florida and specifically the area between and including Orlando to Tampa. This region topped the charts on AOL's best deal for autos as the top discount market. The average price of new vehicles in central Florida was discovered to be ten percent below manufacturer's suggest retail prices. Next in line are Baltimore / Washington at 9.9% below and next Atlanta at 9.4 % below MSRP. The AOL 'Best Deal' study also revealed Maryland (8.1% off), Virginia (7.6%) and Florida (7.5% state average) as the cheapest states for buying a new car. For those in the west who don't feel like making the cross country trek, San Francisco, LA and Dallas also offer up some pretty cheap deals.

It may seem like a daunting task, flying across the country and then taking a few days to drive back home. But it may be worth it. Especially if you are considering a vehicle with a higher price tag. Think of it this way, 10% of $100,000 is $10 grand! That's a lot of money and easily worth the cost of a flight and a few nights hotel stay. And if you combine your purchase with a vacation or business trip you were going to take anyways - bingo. You just saved a ton of cash.

The reality most people can't be bothered and won't go to all the extra effort just to find the cheapest places to buy a car let alone go there and do it. However, information like this can be food for thought and can also be solid ammunition in negotiated your best deal. If your local dealers knows you've been shopping and knows what he's up against that can translate into a nice discount for you right at your home dealership. Be prepared. Crunch the numbers and go to your dealer with data in hand. You'll be glad you did!

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