Monday, March 15, 2010

Canada - the Best Place on Earth?

Canadian Life

I was recently at the gym climbing to nowhere and reading Canada's weekly news magazine, MacClean's featured special report, Canada vs The World - The Best Place on Earth. The report opened with the following tongue in cheek summary: wealthier than American's; longer life than Swedes; eat better than the French and love more than even the Italians!

Canada Business

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says Qatar is the richest nation. The World Bank says Luxembourg is tops but neither say how that translates into lifestyle and  wealth among the citizens of the country. The UN has taken a different approach by creating a 'Human Development Index' which takes a broader look at well-being. So, when one looks at the net worth of households - a good indicator for Canadian Business - Canada get's top spot on the planet. And on the Human Development Index Canada placed 3rd well above their neighbours to the south, The United States which came in 15th on the index. All while the Americans carry almost twice as much personal debt as Canadians do. And when it comes to honesty in Canadian Business we get top marks again tied with Belgium by Transparency International for the countries least likely to have businesses which engage in payoffs.

Canada Health Insurance

When it comes to Canadian Health and these days the much talked about Canada Health Insurance life expectancy in Canada is now over 81 years which puts Canadians ahead of the Swedes, Norweigens and the Finnish. Another age related factor which tells us a lot about whether Canada Health Insurance, which is paid for through taxes rather than at the door, is how long a countries citizens enjoy a disease free quality of life - in Canada it's 73 years - fourth best in the world with Japan #1 at 76 years and the U.S. way down the list at 70 years of age. Not to mention our daily consumption of fruits and veggies is 3rd highest in the world just behind China and Australia.

Moving to Canada

That fact is many people want to make Canada their home for just as many reasons and Canada welcomes it's share with open arms with one of the highest immigration rates in the world. Canada also grants more new citizenships per capita than any other country.

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