Friday, February 25, 2011

Deadwood Best Place to Live

A few years ago we were living in Boquete, Panama - one of AARP's recommendations as the Best Place to Retire. Just one of the things about this wonderful community in the mountainous Chirqui Highlands town near the border of Costa Rica was the modern conveniences we enjoyed. Who would have thought this small Panamanian town 'in the middle of nowhere' would offer high speed internet, excellent cell service and Direct TV service? Yes, those things made life quite comfortable however, the Direct TV feed was for Latin America so even though we enjoyed a lot of english speaking prime time programs a number of them were dated and some we enjoyed back in America simply weren't available. As a result we developed a bit of a sharing system whereby friends and family would send us video tapes of the latest and greatest HBO releases and we would pass them around. One new show which arrived from our neighbours son in the U.S. was HBO's 'Deadwood'. Once a month we couldn't wait to get our fix of the four latest episodes.

That's the long introduction to my story about a headline which caught my eye,

Deadwood named Best Place to Live

Yes it seems the editors of American Cowboy Magazine have chosen Deadwood from across the west as one of the 20 Best Places to Live in the West. The top 20 places were chosen based on "their authentic cowboy culture and charm; respect for history and heritage; recreational leisure and outdoor activities and having a strong sense of community coupled with a free spirited rugged independence."

The director of the Deadwood Chamber of Commerce, George Milos says it's something people who live their have known all along. It seems the folk of Deadwood are quite proud of their small town hospitality. The town also boast a 'strong school system'.

Other western U.S. towns which made the list of Best Places to Live included:
Red Lodge, Montana
Chico, California
Flagstaff, Arizona and
Amarillo, Texas

Deadwood is located in South Dakota.

Source: The Daily Republic Mitchell, South Dakota

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