Monday, January 24, 2011

Best Places to Live #4 France

The Quality of Life Index for 2010 gave France top spot as the best place to live. This year France slipped a little to 4th place mostly due to a rising cost of living - thanks to the economic melt down in Europe and across the developed world. So, while France may not be the Cheapest Place to Live it's still considered first class for many other lifestyle reasons.

Living in France brings romantic visions of Paris, cafes and lingering over fine French cuisine. But these days living in France brings more than the thought of romance and culture, living here also means exceptional care - health care that is.

Best Health Care in the World

As that wave of consumers known as the boomers rolls steadily across the markets everything changes. Today aging boomers are perhaps more interested in health care than romance and that may very well be the reason people are now looking to France for more than just a cup of coffee or a glass of fine French wine. A decade ago the W.H.O. (World Health Organization) gave France top marks with the designation of "Best overall health care system in the world". No one goes with health care in France even if your a non-citizen. French law makes private medical insurance mandatory for non-citizens who reside in France.

Moving to France

If you’re thinking about moving to Europe, then a move to France could be top of your list for consideration. When it comes to Quality of Life France has everything you want to look for. In this years Quality of Life Index France scored top marks (that's 100 out of 100) for Culture, Freedom, Health and Safety. Add to that list the beautiful unspoiled French countryside, the world's best health care system, history and colourful traditions and you've got almost everything you could wish for.

Now if you are seriously considering a move to France, your biggest challenge will be determining which region of France is the best place to live for you. Whether it's Celtic Brittany sun drenched Provence, or grand Paris France has something fort every appetite.  There are numerous reasons to chose France and good reason it's #4 for the best places to live. What are your reasons for wanting to move to France?

Moving to France for Climate

France is one of those fabulous countries that offers a diverse climate with something for everyone - moving to France means you have the mountains, beaches, and countryside all within a few hours.

Moving to France for Life Balance

France seems to always find itself toward to top of the list when it comes to the Best Places to Retire but it's also a very attractive place to work and raise a family. In the west Americans have the reputation for working way too much! The French begin with five paid weeks of vacation each year. They insure work doesn't intrude upon a quality life by working less hours each week too. As we mentioned previously France has the best health care system in the world. The French are known to live longer and have much healthier lives, less stressful than Americans. So, if you're ready to escape the rat race behind France maybe just what the Doctor ordered.

Interestingly our next Best Place to Live in the world is not consider part of France but is a small country on the French Riviera. Watch for it!

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