Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Best Places to Live in Georgia

Georgia as a state has a reputation for mixing big city sophistication with laid back southern charm, as characterized by its most well known city, Atlanta.

Georgia is the 24th largest state and the 9th most populous, with the recent trend being an increasing population growth thanks in large part to a favorable economic climate.

Most Livable US Cities

Factors that determine livability for a given geographic location are much like beauty: very much in the eye of the beholder. However, three major factors stand out in most surveys of the best places to live and these include:
  • Household income, adjusted for cost of living
  • Level of education achieved by residents (ranked by # of residents over 25 holding a Bachelors degree or higher)
  • Property crime rates per 1,000 residents (including burglary and auto theft).
A recent survey ranked several cities in Georgia as among the most livable in the US based on the criteria above.

Most Livable Cities In Georgia

Coming in at the top of the list is Berkley Lake in Gwinnett County. Home of one of the few earthen dams still in existence, Berkley Lake was founded in the 1940s. It is located 25 miles southwest of Atlanta, has a population of only 2,144 people; boasts a median income of $139,877: with 66.8 percent of its residents holding a B.A or above. Property crime rates for the city come in at a decent 5.87 percent, making this an ideal location to raise a family.

Ranking second best place to live in Georgia is Dunwoody in Dekalb County. Dunwoody is conveniently located 17 miles southwest from Atlanta making for an easy commute. Its population is 40,619 with a median income level of $82,399. Over 69% of its residents hold a Bachelor’s Degree or higher. The property crime rate is an enviable 3.42 per 1,000 residents. It is considered a safe, convenient bedroom community for those who work and play in Atlanta but don’t want the big city hassles.

Third on the list of best places to live in Georgia is Alpharetta, in Fulton County. With a population of 50,296 and located 28 miles southwest of Atlanta, Alpharetta has a reputation for luxurious living in an environment rich with history. Median income here is $102,617; 62% of the population holds a Bachelor’s Degree or higher and property crime per 1,000 residents is a respectable 5.95 percent.

Ranked fourth best place to live in Georgia is Peachtree City in Fayette County. Population in this city 32 miles northeast of Atlanta is 34,597. Peachtree City has a unique atmosphere, described as an extended golf course where residents choose golf carts for transportation over internal combustion engine cars. The median income in this laid back city is close to $95,000 and 52 percent of its residents hold a Bachelors Degree or better. Property crime here per 1000 population is a low 3.7%.

Fifth ranked is Avondale Estates in DeKalb County. Renowned for its pedestrian friendly atmosphere with small shops and beautiful architecture, the population of 2,815 makes this an ideal small town to raise a family in--and its location a mere 8 miles from Atlanta makes all the amenities of the big city readily available to residents. Median income here is $92,460, 59.7 percent of the populace holds a Bachelor's Degree or higher, and the property crime rates per 1000 is 9.7 percent.

These are but a few of the highest ranked places to live in Georgia offering a diversity of population, great employment opportunities, manageable commutes and spacious housing. Whether you are looking for a new home in a small town or mid-sized city, these locations in Georgia offer gracious living in a scenic state rich in history.

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