Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Best States to Live in the Northeast

In our previous post we gave the 'Big Picture' view of the Best States to Live in. Now we are going to go more in-depth and delve into the different regions of the country to give you more detailed information about why some states in each of these four corners of the United States rise above their counter parts. Enjoy and please leave your comments and questions so we can keep the dialogue going and of value to everyone reading!

The Best Northeast State

Although all of the northeastern states bring something to the table, Virginia distinguishes itself from the rest with high paying jobs, natural beauty and a good housing market. Virginia has the added benefit of being one of the original thirteen colonies, which only serves to make it even more charming. Great for history buffs and a popular place to raise a family, Virginia has a population of just over eight million people. In spite of its small size, the area has a spread-out feel to it, with sprawling hills and plenty of farmland. The state high school graduation rate exceeds 85% and remains one of the highest in the northeast. With an unemployment rate of 6.1%, Virginia falls well below the national average of 9%. Virginia had the most counties on the top 100 list of “Wealthiest Counties in the United States” according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. A frequent name on the “Best Places in America to Raise a Family” register, Virginia offers a stable economy, plenty of activities and great education.

The Cheapest State to Live in the Northeast

The great state of Delaware is the cheapest northeastern state in which to live. The median income level is approximately $55,000 per year, while the median price of a home in Delaware is below $170,000. Property tax rates are exceptionally low throughout the entire state. While the overall cost of living index is 14 points higher than the national average, the northeast is statistically an expensive place to live in general. Delaware falls far below the average for this region.

Best Northeast States to Retire To

Retirement means rest and relaxation for many, and the best northeastern state in which to find this is Maine. With the beautiful Atlantic coastline, plenty of opportunities for fishing and an eclectic local culture, Maine has been voted “Most Relaxing Place to Live” time and time again. From the big cities of Portland to the tiny villages of Frye Island and Glenwood Plantation which boast a zero population for most of the year, Maine is the perfect place to find the quiet life a retiree desires. An honorable mention goes to New York state, as the Hamptons remain a popular retirement destination for the affluent.

The northeast is home to many of this country’s best places to live. The preceding is a mere overview, meant only to illustrate a few of the great states in this region. Nearly every state here is steeped in history, most having been present at the birth of this country. The stories these states tell could fill volumes. The quest for the perfect northeastern state relies heavily on personal taste, matters of opinion and the ability to experience their varied charms for yourself. Tread with caution, as you just might fall in love with them all.

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