Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Best Places to Live for 2012

A new year brings many opportunities for new adventure. If your New Year’s resolution involved relocating to a new state (or even country!), we can help. We’ve taken the guesswork out of the situation with our all new list of Best Places to Live in the World.

Best Places to Live in the Middle East

Although the Middle East has earned a reputation filled with strife and struggle, there are several safe and sane places to live in this region. Built on oil profits, Dubai is now has a gross domestic product exceeding $90 billion a year. Dubai also has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the entire world at just over 1%.

Live in the Middle East

Best Places to Live in Australia

Australia is an amazing place to live. In the “land down under“, there is no better place to live than Sydney. A 3.8% unemployment rate, relatively low cost of living and plenty of entertainment makes New South Wales in general and Sydney in particular a great place to call home.

Best Places to Live in Africa

South Africa is an incredibly Americanized place to live. Many residents speak English. Although once a den for violence and crimes against citizens, South Africa has recently invested billions of dollars into making the streets safer for all. Education is a priority here and a great emphasis is placed on traditional art and music.

Best Places to Live in Europe

Ah, Europe. The name practically screams affluence, and there is no more affluent place in all of Europe than Switzerland. This beautiful country nestled in the Swiss Alps is as picturesque as it is prosperous. With a stable economy, a mere 1.5% inflation rate and some of the best education in all of Europe, Switzerland is a sure bet.

Best Places to Live in Canada

British Columbia is among the best places to live here. With incredibly low taxes, a great job market and some of the cleanest air in the world, British Columbia clinches a mention. British Columbia is cold, but does have some of the best weather in Canada.

Best Places to Live in UK

London is great, but rural England offers some of the best living around. With quaint cottages, lush, green fields and plenty of opportunities for livestock and agriculture, rural England has a charm all of its own. Yorkshire county boasts low unemployment, a strong emphasis on simple family living and a high priority on educating their youth.

Best Places to Live in Asia

Singapore lies in southeast Asia off the Malay Peninsula. Once a poor, struggling city-state, it has now become a hub of commerce with a healthy market-based economy. The 14th largest exporter in the entire world, Singapore has a triple A credit rating from all three major credit rating agencies. In an effort to increase population rates, Singapore actually encourages foreign immigration.

Best Places to Live in the US

Globetrotting not on your resolution list this year? There are plenty of opportunities for relocation right here in the states. With an incredibly low crime rate per capita, New Hampshire tops our US 2012 list. Rated 46th lowest in the nation for violent crime and 48th in the nation for homicide by weapon, this is an amazingly safe place to live. As of December 2011, the New Hampshire unemployment rate was 5.2%, more than three points below the national average.

Whether your New Year’s resolutions involves relocating across seas or simply across state borders, opportunity is everywhere. Make a leap of faith, spread your wings and fly to a brand new home in 2012!

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