Saturday, November 19, 2011

What are the Best States for Retirement?

After exploring the Best States to Live in America we unveiled some really interesting stats and information. One of the things we looked briefly at was the Best States for Retirement in each part of the country. What we discovered, thanks to your feedback, is that a lot of our followers are very interested in learning more about good places to live in retirement. So, while over the years we have touched here and there on the best places for retirees, from various sources, we thought it was time to bring it home and have an updated look at spending your golden years right here in in the good old USA!

Retirement is a time to explore hobbies, pursue passions and live life to its fullest. Researching the best places to retire does not have to be complicated. By narrowing down choices based on interests and financial considerations, the dilemma effectively resolves itself. In an attempt to help make the choice even easier, we have broken down the best places to retire in the United States by region.

The Best State to Retire in the Northeast

If rest and relaxation is your ultimate goal, Maine is the state for you. Voted “Most Relaxing Place to Live”, Maine has plenty of opportunities for recreation. The statewide median home price is listed at $200,000, but bargains can be found in rural areas. Maine also offers a retirement tax break, allowing residents to deduct the first $6000 of pension income on their income taxes.

Best Northeast State to Retire

The Best State to Retire in the Northwest

Known for its outdoor recreation, Pacific coast beaches and wild west atmosphere, the northwest offers many retirement opportunities. Oregon is a sure bet for those who love the outdoors. Oregon’s mild climate means it is possible to enjoy nature almost year-round, while the low cost of living allows for more luxuries. Oregon does not have a sales tax and Social Security and VA benefits are not subject to tax liability.

Best Northwest State to Retire

The Best States to Retire in the Central US

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the bank accounts of retirees. Not only one of the best places to retire, Texas is also one of the cheapest. There is plenty of room to roam and the climate is pleasant. The state is represented by nearly every professional sport and is a frequent tour stop for many popular entertainers. Whether lured in by the big lights of San Antonio or the porch lights of tiny Bailey’s Prairie, Texas is great for retirees.

Best Central State to Retire

The Best States to Retire in the Southeast

Florida is one of the most popular retirement destinations in the entire country. With plenty of sand and sun, a median home price of $129,000 (nearly $50,000 below the national average) and hundreds of active senior communities, Florida is naturally associated with retirement. Florida does not have an estate or inheritance tax and its local/state tax burden is one of the lowest in the nation.

Best Souteast State to Retire

The Best States to Retire in the Southwest
California takes the top honors here. Although statistically the most expensive state in the region, California is also the most popular, owing largely to its warm climate and entertainment opportunities. From the sunny beaches of San Diego to the foggy San Francisco Bay, thousands of recent retirees flock to California each year in search of their own American dream.

Best Soutwest State to Retire

Choosing the best place to retire isn’t as hard as it seems. With a bit of research and personal exploration, everyone can find their own paradise. From the tiny towns of northern Maine to the sunny beaches of southern California, finding the best place to live is as simple as knowing exactly what you want.

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