Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cheapest Place to Live in Australia

Adelaide is one of the cheapest places to live in Australia. The cost of living for average daily consumption is cheap however, from a lifestyle stand point some people consider Adelaide a bit too quiet, maybe even boring.

Adelaide has had slower growth than the rest of Australia in the past few decades keeping prices down. This gives it the biggest advantage of a low cost of living. Adelaide has the cheapest real-estate of any major Australian city. Employment is another story though and finding a job can be more difficult than other larger, more popular Australian cities. Professions  like nursing or teaching continue to be in demand here though so if either of those are your speciality than Adelaide might be quite a good choice. In fact nurses and teachers are in demand throughout Australia. The lower cost of living here results in people in these professions enjoying a higher standard of living in Adelaide than they would have in Sydney or Melbourne.

Adelaide is on roughly the same latitude as Sydney but has a very different climate. The winters are colder and have more precipitation than Sydney. The summers however are normally hotter and drier. Brisbane is another place one might consider as a cheap place to live but maybe not for long. Brisbane still has a very wide variety of prices but it is currently going through a big boom, so prices will inevitably rise.

Melbourne is much cooler than all other Australian cities.  It is quite similar to London, the people are very friendly and like all other cities depending on where you choose to live within the city will dictate how much you pay. Melbourne can certainly be expensive but it is still cheaper than Sydney. Queensland is also cheaper than Sydney. Its a beautiful spot but can often be quite hot.

Sydney is quite expensive in most places and may even be considered the most expensive place in Australia. Technorati Tags: ,

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