Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Obama Jobs Plan

When it comes to a Jobs Plan I've been suggesting Overseas Jobs could be an alternative for some Americans to find work but today lets turn our attention back home as the debate over the Obama Jobs Creation Plan heats up.

Two days before we even see the plan Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican Leader, is already shooting it down. In his Senate speech yesterday he said he was 'certain' the plan will fail. Nice attitude Mitch! So, while McConnell suggested Obama will just be presenting the 'same failed approach' I guess he figures he'll jump the gun and deliver the Republicans 'same failed approach' - just reject it before it even gets debated. That makes a lot of sense doesn't it? And the world looks on - its like watching a couple bicker and fight during a nasty divorce case.

President Obama is to appear before Congress on Thursday to present his detailed Jobs Plan. According to August statistics the unemployment rate in the U.S. hit 9.1% last month.

So far we've heard hints of what the plan will entail including - new investment in infrastructure to stimulate jobs in construction; a payroll tax cut being extended and potentially broadened and additional aid for the long term unemployed.

But what of McConnell? What's he interested in? It seems to me, and please pardon the politically incorrect reference here, but really, its pretty obvious McConnell and the Republicans are focused on one thing - guilty or innocent, they wants them a linchin'! McConnell even said, "his top priority is to prevent Obama from winning a second term as president". Isn't that nice. His priorities have nothing to do with the American people - nothing to do with helping the nation out of this mess, that the Republicans created I might add, nope his priority is simple - getting Obama out and by extension getting his and the Republicans power back. Isn't that kind of what got the U.S. in this trouble to begin with? The lust for power and control - Greed is Good?

OK - I'm rambling here back to the facts and perhaps some common sense. There do appear to be some clearer heads in the Republican Party as John Boehner, House Speaker and Eric Cantor, Majority Leader wrote a letter to Obama stating that they wanted to work cooperatively -

"While it is important that we continue to debate and discuss our different approaches to job creation, it is also critical that our differences not preclude us from taking action in areas where there is common agreement," the leaders said.

Hmmmm - has anyone discussed this with Mitch baby? Sounds like these bad boys are almost sleeping with the enemy! Oh, I bet Mitch is pissed!

Moving on lets see how divided the Republicans really are. Today Senator Roy Blunt continued the McCarthy - oops - did I say that? I mean McConnell stance by saying he didn't "expect there to be much to respond to" when asked why there was no response scheduled following Obama's address. On Fox News, big surprise there, Blunt said, "So far theres no indication that anything extraordinary is going to happen in what should be an extraordinary moment..." Now thats a positive, optimistic, cooperative attitude isn't it?

So, what do you think? Leave your comment below or on 1+ and lets get this party started!



Ms T Appleton said...

Well you have certainly showed your "left" leaning ideas with this post. I have been a long time reader and I must say this is the first time I have ever seen you openly being political at least to this degree.

I don't have any love for either party but honestly can you blame those that are skeptical about Obama's plan (even before it's out) he has driven us so far into debt that there is a real chance our courntry may fall into collaspe and from all indications so far about this new plan it is more of the same. The parts that have been "leaked" so far really do absoultely nothing for me that engender any confidence in what may follow.

You critize the Republicans for pandering to business interestes yet Obama'a plan is to create an opportunity for the banks to profit with no risk when in fact these fat cats are the ones that created and profited most from the mess we are in. Where do his loyalties lie? Did you know that this new 'bank' will cost the taxpayer about 10 billion dollars to set up and then hand over to private control?

Reporter might ask: "Mr Obama, how are we going to fix the jobs problem?"

Mr Obama is answering like this in my mind: "I will start a business funded by the taxpayers (the bank), backed by the government and let all the profits go to the private investors that have no risk because the government will absorb the loss if there is one!! Do you like my idea?"

Back to my comment:
Does that kind of plan smell familure?

How about we take that 10 billion dollars and we create a tax break for every small business that creates a job. If we took that $10 Billion and gave small businesses a $5000 tax break for every job they created of a certain calaber, we could create 200,000 jobs plus support MANY MORE families that owned those small businesses in the process. Now there is a f-ing good idea with a huge return on investment but my guess is no one is listening. And that is just with $10 Billion. We gave the banks $700 Billion in the first round of bailout way back in the Bush days and trillions since. Do you for a minute think Obama's plan will create 200,000 jobs without the use of smoke and mirrors? I Don't!

Another side note when the Obama administration trys to blame Bush for the bailout, the bailout figure has now balloned to trillions of dollars to the banks and nothing to show for it... do you know how many jobs would be created with only a trillion dollars in my plan above? It would create 200 million jobs and just to make it more juicy lets double the tax break to $10,000 for each job because I dont think we need that many jobs. That would give us 100 million new jobs for a trillion dollars and it would go directly to the people that would work hard to really STIMULATE our great land... The small business owner. That's just my one cent cause I need to hang on to the the other one in these tough times.

PanamaMark said...

You may have missed my point - I'm not trying to be left or right - pro or con Obama - my point is we've got to stop fighting - stop assuming - stop jumping the gun. Look where adversarial politics has gotten us? It's time for cooperation - collaboration to solve what could be the biggest problem America has ever faced.

You do bring up some really valid points and I agree with much of what you have said, especially around breaks and incentives for small business - thanks for contributing to the conversation!