Monday, February 15, 2010

The Cheapest Place to Live in Germany

This is a continuation of the discussion which started with the Best Places to Live as ranked by International Living in their annual Quality of Life Index. Today we're moving down the list and looking at The Cheapest Place to Live in Germany.

From what my research has discovered it looks like Hamburg Germany is currently one of the Cheapest Places to Live in Germany. So, if Germany is on your list and you're wondering, "Where should I live - in Germany?" Then Hamburg would be a good place to start.

Hamburg is great for good fun. Berlin and Frankfurt will also keep one busy.

The population of Frankfurt is composed of 27% foreigners so if you are immigrating here you may feel a bit more at home and find some people with things in common.

Getting away from the larger English speaking cities seems to be a good way to save money and find a cheaper place to live. I've read that the best places to live in are the capitals of the small 'duchies'. The best towns to live in are Dresden, Leipsic, Stuttgart and Munich - all offer world class education and are cheaper when compared to English cities. But are still a little more expensive than say Brunswick, Cassel, Darmstadt, Weimar and Coburg. In these towns you can enjoy more of an old-fashioned family type atmosphere with beautiful architecture. The houses tend to be larger with big rooms, lovely courtyards and grand stair cases.

Eastern Germany has some good places to live cheap. This appears to be a result of many people moving west with the Fall of the Berlin wall. Eastern Germany offers beautiful landscapes and the typical German standard of living including excellent health care.

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