Thursday, September 8, 2011

Obama's Jobs Plan Unveiled Today

We've been talking and debating this for the past week and the day has finally arrived - this evening Obama's Jobs Plan will finally be unveiled as he addresses Congress and the nation.

The Presidents ultimate goal is to get Congress to finally stop bickering and take some action and to convince voters that he really can get the economy growing and Americans back to work. Of course it's a tal order and the deck is certainly stacked against Obama at this point. With elections just over a year from now the Republican dominated Congress seems determined to do whatever it takes to make sure Obama fails. In fact some Republican representatives have gone so far as to suggest a boycott of the speech saying they would rather be home watching the NFL season opener. Now that's mature and just shows how important jobs and getting Washington working is to these supposed People's Representatives. I don't care how wrong Obama may be or how poor his plan is that is simply total disrespect for the institution of the presidency and our democratic way of life.

But there is hope that some reasonable heads may still be hanging around Washington and that they at least take our predicament and their jobs seriously.

With regards to the idea of boycotting the Presidential address House Speaker, John Boehner had this to say,

"He (Obama) is the president of the United States, and I believe that all members ought to be here - As an institution, the president's coming at our invitation. We ought to be respectful, and we ought to welcome him."

Boehner also continued to give strong indications he was serious about solving the nations economic crisis and that it is a higher priority than simply making the President look bad in an effort to oust him from office, when he said,

"In my case, I'm going to be looking for where's the common ground, what is it that we can agree on. We know that the two parties aren't going to agree on everything. But the American people want us to find common ground," and,

"I'm hopeful that, after the president gives his speech, that we'll be able to sit down in a bipartisan way and find common ground that will help improve our economy and improve the job picture for the American people,"

In the end isn't that what the American people really want - a solution? For our representatives to work together and solve the nations problems?

And, if Washington can't get their act together don't forget Plan B - if the Jobs Plan fails and things remain in stalemate in Washington than Overseas Jobs may very well be our best option.

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