Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Overseas Jobs vs Jobs in America

It's been a while so I thought this whole discussion we've been having about the Obama Jobs Plan and the idea of Jobs Overseas for Americans is worth running a little poll.

Please take a moment to simply answers Yes or No to our Poll over there to your left - in the sidebar.

Would consider taking a job overseas?

Note: I realize this blog has readers and followers from all over the planet however this particular poll is obviously intended for our US based followers.

The Poll is closed!

When we asked the question, Would you consider a job overseas? 51 people responded with 46 saying Yes they would look at Overseas Jobs while 5 readers said no they wouldn't.

Final Results from our Work Overseas Poll

Editors Note: Thanks to all who voted. It would be great to here some of the reasons you said 'yeh or nay'. Please take a moment to leave your ideas and opinions about jobs in America and the idea of working overseas in our comments section.

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