Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Best & Cheapest Places to live in the Netherlands

In our final list of the Top 25 Countries for Quality of Life the Netherlands, often referred to as 'Holland' came in 11th. That's of course according to International Living's 2010 Quality of Life Index.

The Cheapest Place to Live in Holland (the Netherlands)

First let's compare the Netherlands to some of it's European neighbours. March 2008 cost of living data shows Amsterdam as one of the more expensive cities to live in.

Finding a nice place to live is always difficult. Holland is no exception - getting the right accommodation can be hard, especially in large cities.

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Amsterdam has a relatively mild climate for a place so far north, so even winter visits can be quite comfortable. Amsterdam's three quarters of a million inhabitants represent a staggering 177 different nationalities. Tolerant. Chill. Liberal. Amsterdam could be called all these things. The city has been known for its open-mindedness and flexibility since it was a haven for religious refugees in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Living in Amsterdam

Renting in Amsterdam is expensive, and it's best to get an agent to find something suitable for you. Generally, you can expect to pay a deposit of two months, the first two months up front, and agent's fees of usually one month's rent.Some examples of the

Cost of Living in Amsterdam

Beer (six pack) €3.59  Bread €1.20 Litre of Milk €0.65 Litre of Gas €1.49
Kilo of Potatoes €1.80  Kilo of Fresh fish €18

Other Cities in the Netherlands

Amsterdam is the largest city and most well known however there are numerous other cities in the Netherlands which are certainly worth a look. The next five largest cities are: Rotterdam, sGravenhage, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Tilburg.

If you're from the Netherlands why not leave a comment about what you think are th Cheapest and Best Places to Live in the Netherlands?

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Andreas said...

The cheapest part of the Netherlands is in the north-east (Winschoten is the biggest town in this part of Groningen). The people living there are relatively poor, and thats why prices are lower. Housing prices are the lowest in the Netherlands. You can buy a pretty nice house for less than €100.000. But I would prefer Amsterdam, more expensive but better to live.